June 7, 2011

Ooh la la...

I never watch Jimmy Kimmel. I never watch any late night show (it's past my little beddy-bye time) but Beau showed me this video last night so I had to share.

So just hit that little play button. You can thank me later.

With the exception of the old guys (sorry-I'm so bad with celeb names),
I think they were all pretty much covered there!

....Patrick, Brad, Ben, Matthew, Gilles, Josh....

The only few I could think of that were completely left out were these:

God forbid, Jimmy-how could forget...

Mr. Walker
Mr. Cooper
Mr. Beckham
Mr. Reynolds
...are you drooling yet? You're welcome.


  1. yes, seriously. thank you. that was GREAT.

  2. Love it. I'm kind of obsessed with Bradley Cooper- I mean LOOK at those gorgeous blue eyes. :)

  3. Shew, they shoulda added Mr.walker I'm telling ya! This video was pretty funny though.

  4. yum!! such pretty men to brighten up my workday!



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