June 20, 2011

Just a few general announcements

... and because I feel the need to discuss my weekend in orderly fashion.

1. Friday was full of fails.
Big, obnoxious, make you want to go home and just go to bed #fails. It all started when I left my perfectly good workout to hit to pool. Felt all kinds of cute in my new floppy hat, got to the pool-broken. Fine. Decided we would go watch Mr. Popper's Penguins (yes, I'm willing to pay perfectly good money to see this). Spent 30 plus minutes attempting to park, got all the way to the ticket booth-sold out. Of course it is. Figured we would stop to get gas, go to dinner and call it a night. Got to the pump-no gas. Really?? You can only imagine the F* bombs that were being dropped at this point...

The best part of Friday was drinking out of a mason jar.
Yes...the day sucked so bad that this was the highlight of it all.

To say the least, you can only imagine how happy I was when I woke up to a new day on Saturday.

2. I'm awarding myself wife of the year. I don't care what Beau says. I woke up at 7am on a Saturday to go watch him play 4 softball games in 105 degree weather. Not to mention, I packed a pretty legit ice chest and made a Subway run for him. I must say, although my makeup was melting, my hair was all sorts of windblown and my dress stuck to my ass every time I stood up-my hot pink ice chest and lawn chair mixed with my zebra sundress kept me feeling like a legit diva. (Got the visual? Good!)

3. I was too productive for my own good on Sunday and you need to know about it.

In list form, of course:
  • Hit the gym AND grocery store by 11am. ((BTW-have I ever mentioned how much I love the grocery store?? No? We'll save that for another time...))
  • Unloaded everything, put fresh sunflowers in a vase, and cleaned the house by noon. There's just something about fresh flowers....
  • Packed the ice chest, cut up all the burger fixins, made banana pudding for FIL and spent the afternoon at the pool grilling with the fam. ((Learned a lesson from Friday...this time I called to make sure it was functioning properly...success.))
  • Took full advantage of my mother-in-law's 25 year old Louie that she so graciously passed down to me. (Free admission to the LV club?! I'm not ashamed...)

  • Gave the Victoria's Secret semi annual sale one last chance to take my paycheck (...Victoria won...as usual. New swimmy suit-in the mail-yesss.) and only 32 smackaroos! ((Fun fact about Beau: the man hates ruffles. Just because of this-I love them even more.))

  • Made a fresh batch of flaxseed pancakes for work this week.
  • Shared a glass of vino (Duchman Vermentino-to be exact) with the hubs while watching him drool over Miss USA and hit the hay. ((BTW-we found Brittany Toll's (Miss New Mexico) blog. ((It's kinda cool to stalk someone "semi-famous"...))Link
Hope your weekend was NOT full of fails.
Happy Monday! ((not.))


  1. I love the mason jars! The image of you sitting there and cheering on your husband is so adorable and I'm sure you did look like a diva:) I forget about the VS sale, thanks for reminding me!

  2. you are SUCH a good wife...i absolutely HATE watching my fiance play softball. i just get so bored. maybe an ice chest would be a good companion for next time ;)

  3. wow major props to you for waking up at 7am to watch 4 softball games! i'd show up there half asleep with skinny girl margs in tote! haha

  4. So Friday totally sucked for you. I would have been the same way dropping f*bombs! But the rest of the weekend sounds pretty good!
    Have a good week!

  5. Minus the pool debacle, sounds like a pretty successful weekend!!

  6. I bought the same swimsuit and it is PRECIOUS! I get compliments on it all the time. People love ruffles!

  7. Broken pool? Lame! At least you are the wife of the year!! :)

  8. I love your list forms..so easy to read haha so sorry about your friday! the mason jars would have me excited though as well. I am really jealous of your gym/store by 11am trip..we were doing yard work all day long blah blah

  9. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog! I love yours, new follower!!! :)

  10. oh & PS - I am SOOOO happy I have found someone that loves drinking out of mason jars as much as I do!! :) Oh ANNNNNND.... love the louie!

  11. 25 year old LV or not... it is still legit! Love it!

  12. Your blog post made my blog blow up. I think YOU are the famous one here. ;) Thank you for the shout out, I loooooove your blog!


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