June 12, 2011

Quite the Sunday

To my benefit, I'm not absolutely nuts for retaking our wedding photos. Apparently this is something that is very common. SO common, there's even a name for it..."groomals". Yes-this makes me sleep better at night so we'll just go with it.

((BTW-If you're new to my little world-you might want to read this first.))

Anywho-today we had our "groomals", if you would, and just by seeing the teeny tiny 1" x 1" screen on my photog's camera...I don't think we will be disappointed! And duh...yes you will see them as soon as I have them in my little fingees!

PS-if I've never mentioned before that taking wedding/bridal photos is a job....hear me loud and clear...TAKING WEDDING/BRIDAL PHOTOS IS A JOB. Got it? A little piece of advice...make sure you have at least 3 people there to help. OH! & booze.
God forbid-don't forget the booze.

Poor Beau. He was such a good sport. He looked so handsome all over again and is always so patient with my demanding ways. What a saint...

Now that it's all said and done-I am so relieved. I am confident this time around and can honestly say I know there are some great shots on that little memory card of Tom's. It was kind of fun to have my hair and makeup done all over again. What girl doesn't what that?! And the fact that I got to wear my wedding dress for a third time-psshh...icing on the cake! (Bridals, wedding, groomals-that's 3.) BUT-let me say that again...BUT, I got so sick of trying to explain to people in the mall (where I had my hair and makeup done) that I was already married and the reason I was dressed like a bride was because of blah, blah, and blah. I may or may not have told mini fibs to just a few people. My makeup lady thought I was having bridal portraits done. The shoe salesman in Dillard's thinks I'm getting married next week. And one random person in Sephora thinks I'm renewing my vows. HA.

To top off my day...as we were walking to the car after our pictures I had a missed call and text from my best friend, Julie. I just knew what she was
going to tell me when I got her text stating "Call me. ASAP."

Yup! She's engaged!!!! Do you know what this means for me???
ANOTHER wedding to plan!

Looks like catching your best friend's
bouquet is lucky afterall!

(Bad pic but it's the only one I gotz.)
Ok ladies...I'm off to give my groom some TLC.
After today, he def deserves it!

In the meantime-I double dog dare you to not spend hours gazing at these uh-mazing websites that inspired today's photo sesh...

Enjoy, girlies!


  1. So glad it went well! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Aw I'm glad it went much better this time around..knew you wouldn't regret it. can't wait to see them!

  3. That's great that today went much better!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!


  4. I'm glad you feel better about the photos. I can't wait to see them!

  5. ohhh my goodness i know what you are feeling! I got married 4 years ago & our wedding photographer FORGOT TO COME. She forgot that it was our wedding day... we had just talked to her a few days before. The wedding was 2hrs from her & when we called her (20min. before wondering where she was) she said she was at another shoot. She double booked. SO all we had were pics taken from cell phones, & random point & shoot cameras. I am STILL bummed about it & i have also considered re-doing them, even though its 4 years later. I am SO glad you did it because I wish I would have done it that same weekend. Its YOUR wedding day, you should have great pictures that you'll have for the rest of your life!


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