June 5, 2011

Sharing the wealth

Just a few things I've come across lately that make life that much better! Enjoy!

1. Logitech Revue by Google
  • Turns any TV into the internet.
  • What I'm tryin' to tell you here is that you can blog and watch TV at the same time. GENIUS! (Or in my case, you can blog while your husband watches ESPN).
    See?? See!!
2. Kindle app for iPhone
  • Turns your iPhone into a Kindle.
  • Download the books directly from the Kindle store straight to your iPhone and voila! You have mobile books without a $200 price tag.
  • Once again, GENIUS.
3. Benefit YOU REBEL tinted moisturizer
  • Works as both a light foundation AND a sunscreen. Fabulous-duh!
  • No-but for serious-I NEVER have to put sunscreen on my face because of this stuff AND you can wear "makeup" to the pool without feeling guilty.
4. Flaxseed pancakes
  • Originally found here.
  • Just made my first batch for dinner...quick, easy & simply amazing...without the bloatedness. Can I get a hell ya, sisters?
5. And on that last note...Karena & Katrina
  • I think I have found myself a new girl crush, er-crushes
  • Two gorgeous beach bums who come up with the best workouts, recipes and motivational tips who blog all about it? Yes, please!
  • How am I just now finding these girls????


  1. I LOVE Karena and Katrina (clearly we're such good friends I call them by their first names on a daily basis instead of Tone it up girls lol) Did you sign up for their emails?! OHH you better believe I did and I love it..you can get the workouts and recipes that way. PS- Love the new blog design. I need to change mine up. Who did yours?!

  2. I'm obsessed with K&K now. Thanks.

  3. I loveeee that YOU REBEL from Benefit... I've been using it off and on for years! It's great when I need my face to not look pale. And love that you can turn the TV into your computer screen. (Coming from the girl with her lap top on my lap while hubs watches Basketball)

  4. Great stuff! Those pancakes look amazing! And, I'm loving the blog's new look! :)

  5. I'm in looove with K&K - they are seriously the most entertaining health girlies I've come across. Glad I'm not the only one obsessed!

    Katie (over at http://kmklida-itsawonderfullife.blogspot.com/)


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