June 27, 2011

Ranch. Pinterest. Naked babies.

Random? I know.
But it's what my weekend consisted of.

What better thing to do on a ranch than run around
and take random iPhone photos??

WH Ranch

I've convinced Beau I want to be a photographer. Or at least a photographer's assistant. He's convinced we would starve. Hey, a girl can dream, right?! (Note to self: buy snazzy camera.)

Anyways...I didn't think there could possibly be another mindless social media tactic that could steal my productiveness away even more...wrong. I think I spent half the weekend frolicking around on here. That's right-I'm talking about Pinterest.

Anyone else obsessed??
Good! Now follow me!

You know you couldn't resist singing it in your head.

And also from Pinterest...a Pomsky.
(Pomeranian + Husky=Pomsky)

I can't stop thinking about how much
I need this little fluff ball in my life.

And, last, because we all love nakey babies....isn't little Kylee adorbs?!

(Beau's cousin's nugget)
Who doesn't love babies in the sink?!

Hope you had a pinteresting/naked baby kind of weekend!
Happy Monday!


  1. I feel you on the Pinterst. I'M OBSESSED WITH THAT LITTLE POMSKY NUGGET! I want him so uber bad. Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. I just started pinning (??) ha :) I like your blog!!

  3. what an adorable puppy mix! never seen that before!

    i say go for your dream in being a photographer or assistant! do it as a side job from your vitamin job! :) you never know...it could turn full time! but yes taking photos is so fun and addicting


  4. What a precious little guy!! He is beyond adorable!

    Now following you on pinterest (:

  5. I love the pomsky and the baby! How cute! Happy Monday!


    P.S. Now following you on Pinterest!

  6. I love the photos from the ranch.. how cool! Looks like such a cool place to visit. Oh, & the milkshake picture totally make me laugh and now it's stuck in my head!

    xo katie elizabeth

  7. Such a cute little one!!
    And OMG I neeed one of those pups!!


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