March 5, 2012

Currently Getting Me Through...

Hi friends! Typically I would complain about the fact that it's Monday because, well, that's just what you do but is SO incredibly B-E-A-Utiful in Houston today it's not. even. funny. I am LOVING every second of it!! (Sux for all you who got snow...just sayin'...)

More importantly, girlfriend's got LOTS to be excited about this week. LOTS! 

What's currently getting me through this week:

Tonight: much needed mani/pedi appointment complete with my favorite boxed wine (those Asians really know how to treat a girl right...) followed by "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" (probably paired with more wine...) and almost ALL the laundry is done and the house, well, it's semi-clean and that cuts it for me these days. (Halle-freakin-lujah)

Tomorrow: Dermatologist appointment (God love that man for turning around my skin so quickly.) 
Yes, this excites me. Oh ya-I almost forgot! I'll also be guest posting over at Raven's blog tomorrow so don't forget to stop by! (PS-If you want to see me in a bikini pre-weight loss days...thanks to Kristen...there's a few of these nuggets on there today...)

Wednesday: Blake Shelton at the rodeo and he BEST have his smokin' wife in tow or I'z gon be NOT a happy camper. Plus-I gets ta wear the new boots!! (Sidenote...I decided that giving up an arm and a leg for the pair of boots in this post was a little ridic so I got these and love 'em just as much!)

Thursday: I'm leeeeeaaaaavin' on a jet plane but dontchu worry!! Erin from Living In Yellow will grace my blog with her presence. (You will LOVE and I mean LOVE her. Pwomise!)

Friday: I'll be spending the day with my ENTIRE family and then we'll be headed to my beautiful cousin's rehearsal dinner. Cannot WAIT to see everyone!!

Saturday: Taryn & Chris' WEDDING in Tampa!!

Sunday: Home again, home again. Jiggity jig.

Phew! Got all that? 
Ok good.

To sum it all up: beautiful weather + a three day work week + new boots + mini vacay + family + a wedding = one happy Stephy.
And because what's a good blog post without seeing myself and my
Asian Persuasion friend dressed as a red solo cup?
You're welcome.


  1. I am loving your Cowboy boots and your hair in the picture with your Asian friend :)I'm jealous of your week.. I've got 5 days of work and lot's o sleep to catch up on!

  2. OMG I love, love, love those boots, annnddd you get to see Blake Shelton this week. so jealous! Sounds like a great week.

  3. Yay for 3 day weekend! Love that costume.. one of the best hands down.. I may just have to steal for this years costume!

  4. You're just too cute for words!! :)

  5. Love your new boots! May have to find me a new pair next week! Momma J is working the rodeo tomorrow so I only have a 2 day work week til meetin you and the Beau for takeoff on thursday!! Can't wait to get there! Oh ya, I'm getting a mani and pedi too!! Love ya my lil chick-a-dee!

  6. Love those boots and yay for a 3 day weekend spent with family!!

  7. Sounds like your recap of the week you are about to have is going to be MUCH BETTER than my week!!!!!!!

    I love love love your boots! Too cute! And I am super jealous that you are going to see BS on Wednesday!

    Sounds like you are going to have an amazing weekend, as well!

    Have a great week pretty girl!


  8. Ummm can I have your week? Thanks. I knew i could count on you love.

  9. The pic of you and your Beau is adorable :)

  10. I love Blake! I'm jealous of your week! I need to have a "me" week.. or at least do some more shopping to de-stress! Have fun!!

  11. Ummm those boots are to DIE for. But seriously. Can I make an honest statement? I even love them more than those more expensive ones...if that is even possible. Both adorable, but I think you made a legit pick ;)And seriously..that freaking red solo cup picture just made my night!

  12. Your week sounds AMAZING! Please take excessive videos/pictures of Blake. I love him and I'm reeeealllly jealous you're going. I missed him when he was in Orlando. Also speaking of Orlando... while you're in Tampa take a roadtrip down to Orlando :) HAVE FUN this week!

  13. PS. Can't believe I forgot - those boots are to DIE for. Love them!

  14. Absolutely LOVE your new boots!! TOO cute! Have fun this weekend!

  15. WTA was SO freaking crazy last night. I totally still don't believe Courtney, but I'm okay if her and Ben are together bc I think they're both weirdos!!

    Have a fun week and weekend! :)

  16. busy, busy week!! LOVED your post on Raven's blog today! :)

    Have fun in the warm weather and at the wedding this weekend!! :)

  17. I saw those boots last week in the mall and fell in love. I'm not a cowboy boot type girl, but feel like I NEED these!!

  18. Glad you found some boots a little more affordable :) They are super cute! have fun on your vacation!! I would much rather be near the beach I am headed to the snow & mountains on Sat!

  19. Aw so jealous you are going to Blake's concert! He is so great and if Miranda is there too that would be amazing! A concert to remember!


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