March 14, 2012

The Low-Down

Ok kids. With just about every comment on yesterday's post asking "Where did you get that dress?" I felt compelled to designate an entire blog post to the most important topic at hand.

More specifically, the "blue and green dress". 

Well crap. Both of the dresses from yesterday's post were blue and green!

Let's see...this blue & green one is from NY&Co.
 I never, and I mean never, find anything in that store aaaand it was only 40 dollhairs! 

I originally bought it in teal and navy but didn't like the way it looked with nude heels so I exchanged it for the green and navy once since it has a touch of nude running through it. The navy bow on the left hip is so incredibly flattering. I LOVED wearing it! Plus-it doesn't have to be dry cleaned! (Always a plus in my book...)

The nude heels were el-cheapo from TJ Maxx. They're Steve Madden and I think they were on clearance for like $30. I don't buy anything at full price. EVER.

As for this little blue and green number... was a STEAL from The Limited.

You see...I love that store but their price tags, meh, not so much. 

(Did I mention I never buy anything full price?)

So here's how it goes: last week I was sitting at my desk when I got an email stating The Limited would be having 50% off ALL regular priced items for 3 hours that night. I had no business whatsoever going to the mall that night since I had enough to do with leaving for Tampa the next morning but I had eyeballed that dress the night before and passed on it because it was $90. While $90 may not sound like a lot to some of you, please note that if I'm spending $90 on better A) make me taller, blonder and have bigger breasticles or B)I better be getting multiple things for that amount. I'm cheap.

I don't care what they say: sometimes it IS all about quantity...

The clock struck 5pm and I was off to the mall like a mad woman. (Not kidding. I even tried the dress on OVER my clothes because the fitting rooms were full.)

So there you have it. Both dresses around $40 each. One from NY&Co and one from The Limited.

And for whomever asked for the hair curling tutorial, well thank ya for the idea! Now that I've figured out exactly HOW to curl my hair without looking like a 1980's pop star, I just might have to do that soon!

 Enough about me.
I failed to mention in yesterday's post that my cousin (the one that got married) is an incredibly talented musician/performer/everything. Sister GOT ON STAGE at her wedding reception and serenaded her groom with the song "At Last". She even belted out a few high notes at the end! I was shocked!
Pretty darn amazing, right?!

I find myself to be pretty extroverted and outgoing but never in a million years could I have gotten on stage at my wedding to sing to my groom in front of 300 something people. (Sorry, Beau.) Homegirl has got it goin' on! (Taryn...if you get a big record deal after this, I'll gladly take 10% of the profits. If not, don't say I didn't try...)

happy HUMP day, friends.


  1. Why did I tear up during that video? Gahh i'm going to be a mess at my own wedding! LOVED your dresses by the way Steph! You always look cute though!

  2. omgosh your cousin has some serious lungs!!

  3. Such steals on those fabulous dresses!! :) Go you!

  4. Love both dresses! I never pay full price either - I always wait for the limited 40% off sales, I had been eyeballing a dress that was nearly $100 there, waited ended up getting it for maybe $30 - I know it was not more than that. I love shopping successes like that!

  5. Loved both of your dresses! You shop the same way as me! Duh. Bargain Blonde, duh.

  6. oh p.s. your cousin can really sing!

  7. hahaha love that you tried the dress on OVER your clothes!!

    I will be heading to NY&Co. very soon!

  8. I love that NY&Co. dress!

    I'm such a bargain shopper myself. I refuse to pay full price for things. Although, there are many times that I cave. Guilty!

  9. Both dresses are very cute! I never pay full price for clothes or shoes either! They always go on sale at some point!

  10. I agree with the statement of full price dresses.If it doesn't make u look better, xnay!

  11. Glad I'm not the only girl who love a good deal! I can't bring myself to pay full price for anything either!

    I'm totally jealous of your cousins talents... HOLY MOLY!

  12. I had to comment on you saying "dollhairs" I started cracking up when I saw that. I say that all the time and usually just get funny looks!

  13. you+beau..bangin couple!

    you pull those dresses off AMAZING

    i totally saw the 50% off thing at Limited and scooted my bum there and bought a few shirts. SCORE!!! cant agree more with spending 90$ on something...ESPECIALLY if it gives me bigger breasticles


    can i borrow that first dress in Ohio ;-)

  14. I can't watch the video at work, but yay for your cousin! I would never have the guts to sing in front of anyone.
    Both dresses are cute, I didn't see that one at our Limited the other day :(

  15. i have to say... i love both of the dresses! and i just added your beautiful button to my page! you make me laugh daily, so wanted to make sure my readers knew about you if they didn't already ;)

  16. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Your cousin is a beautiful singer!!!!! Y'all are just such a beautiful family!!!!! And you looked amazing in both of those dresses!!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  17. I just adore that second dress to pieces!!

    And wow... way to go, cuz! That is amazing!! I really wanted to sing at my wedding but I just never got it together. I love that she chose "At Last"!

  18. Love both dresses, but especially the second one! Super cute!

    And your cousin has an amazing voice! Wow! I wish I could sing like that! Ha!

  19. Love seeing that someone else is a bargain shopper (although you're a bit more fashionable than me).
    Thanks for the comparisons. I always see those boutiques but don't know if something is a good deal or not...

  20. girlfran i just adore you!!! i love a girl who searches out a good deal. you go girl!!

  21. #1- Love those dresses- I might need to buy one of them this weekend.. #2- I refuse to pay full price for anything full price. Unless were talking items from Target.. but even then I wonder when theyll go on sale. #3- why did i giggle like a 12 year old when I saw you capitalized the HUMP part? beyond ridiculous :)

  22. love both of the dresses.....but then again, you look good in anything!


  23. love love the blue/green dress. what a great deal


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