March 21, 2012

We're talking work

It's not often I talk about my job here on this blog because, well, it's "work-related" and I've always wondered who would actually want to read about how I spend 40+ hours a week but today, friends, whether you like it or not...we're talking work.

And by "work", I mean "my place of work".
(And I promise there's good reason for this. Just you wait.)

Health, wellness and fitness have always been a big part of my life.
Scratch's a passion.

I've played sports since I was old enough to throw a ball, I've always been a work out fanatic, I eat healthy (although I'm no vegetarian) and overall, I live a pretty healthy-lifestyle. I also went to college for health promotion and health education.

You only have one might as well make it the best damn body possible, right? Right.

When I graduated college, my first job was in Business Development for a staffing agency. While I loved my boss and co-workers, I was not the industry for me so I started seeking other options. 

Enter the place I work now: a health & wellness center.

But not just any health and wellness center; we're a natural health and wellness center where we literally, help people get their lives back. From bio-identical hormones, allergy treatment, diet and nutrition...this is what we do.

I started out in sales for the vitamin and supplement store and although I loved working with the patients every single day, after about a year and a half, it felt a little redundant to me. I wanted more responsibility. I was looking for more growth within my company, and more importantly, within myself, but felt like there was really no where for me to go "up".

I started interviewing elsewhere, even though I knew health & wellness was where I needed to be. I got a job offer at what I would consider to be the Ritz Carlton of car dealerships here in Houston and even though I semi-accepted the position, something inside me just told me that I had absolutely no business changing careers from health to cars. (Cars? Really, Stephanie??)

Against every cell in my body, I took my "little dilemma" to the president of my company before accepting the final offer. I explained that I was looking for "more". I told her I had been interviewing and was considering taking the job. From there, I basically begged her to tell me that this was the right place for me. I was going places with this company and that it would be asinine for me to even consider doing anything else. We shared a few tears, a couple laughs and even a hug at the end. (God love that woman!) 

The day ended with a promotion (Assistant Director in the hizzouse) and a raise, which was all great and wonderful and was well worth celebrating, but what I didn't know at the time is that it would ultimately end up to be my dream job, with a Saint of a boss and an amazing sales team that I support.

I've been in the same position for a little over a year now and honestly, could not see myself anywhere else. (Funny how things work out, isn't it?) For now, I have found the right seat on the bus. :)

Though I do more of the marketing, product development, inventory and purchasing these days, which is definitely little more challenging and demanding and I don't get to work with the patients as much, I still get to see and hear about many of our patients who are doing so well on our program. The patients who came in here 60 pounds overweight, with no life left in them and already one foot in the grave are now happy and healthy and have an entire no lease on life.

 While my career doesn't "define" me as a person and I'll never be one of those "career women who doesn't ever want kids", it does have a big, err-HUGE thing to do with my internal satisfaction and I can't even imagine myself anywhere else.

Someone on our program put this together and I couldn't help but share it because the first time I watched it, my eyes welled up with tears. If you don't have time to watch the entire video, at least try to watch it from 2:55 til the end.
This is what solidifies what I do on a daily basis.
This is what makes waking up at 5:30am every morning worth it.
This is why Monday mornings aren't the worst day of the week anymore.
This is why checking my work emails on the weekend isn't considered a "hassle".
So I challenge you.
Whether you're an insurance agent, a marketing coordinator, a teacher, a loving housewife turned pro-blogger/photographer or a busy stay-at-home momma...

Are YOU in the right seat on the bus?
Do you wake up excited to go to work each week or do you find yourself watching the clock tick?
Are you challenged on a daily basis?
Do you often find yourself in a rut?
What will you do about it? 

Photo of my team at dinner
 L to R: Andrew, David, Cody, Moi, Kristin, Cathleen, Monica (el Presidente)

(P.S.-Sorry for all the seriousness today. I just wanted you to know more about little ol' me. :)


  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing about your job. I'm so glad that you are at a place that you love and know you're supposed to be! I'm still trying to find my place...

  2. I have had some of the same realizations too... and about a year and a half ago, I did what you did and bit the bullet to land a job I knew I wanted. I feel the same way... I love what I do (for the most part) and love not dreading the work week.

    :) So happy you found your happiness in a job!!

  3. this post is GREAT!!

    I am actually in my last week at my current job, I put in my 2 weeks a week ago because I found a new position that is more "in my field/experience" and something I will enjoy more! (& bonus it is blocks away from my home and part-time!)

    I am SO excited for my new journey! :)

  4. steph this is FANTASTIC!!

    there are so many people out there who dont go for what they want and stick themselves in a job where they are unhappy! its inspiring to see that you brought this issue to your boss! look at you now!!

    i love that you love your job :-) and I LOVE U!


  5. My hospital is hiring a "Health & Wellness Coordinator" right now. See if Beau is down for moving to Charlotte. :)

  6. Right now I am so excited to teach but I'm hoping and I pray to God each day that it truly is my calling like I believe it is!

  7. Love this post! I'm in that same spot in life right now that you were a little over a year ago! Sounds like you work at an amazing place!

  8. What a great video!! Wonderful Inspiration and so wonderful you get to help!! So amazing!

  9. I dont know why my comment above is anyo..buts that was me. Great job you have!

  10. I'm currently in college as a marketing major and I'm so inspired by this post! Like you, I'm really interested in health and fitness and your job sounds like a dream job to me!

  11. I'm soo jealous of your job!! It must be so nice to go to work every day happy, excited and challenged. This is very inspiring:) Thank you!

  12. Great post, thanks for sharing. That is awesome. :)

  13. It's great you love your position. I appreciate your job and what it does. To so many these days, medicating is key. But it's really not!! Your company is taking things in the right direction and more need to take notice.

  14. This was a REALLY good post! I do not like my job. It's nothing life changing. It's nothing interesting. There is no challenge. I wake up 5 days a week dreading where I have to go 40+ hours a week. I have been very lucky with my job as they have paid for me to get my Bachelor's Degree, but I am ready to DO something with my life. I'm bored with just working to pay the bills. I want to ENJOY going to work (at least some days).

    So glad that you found a job that you really love and get that much thrill and enjoyment out of it!!!

  15. I raised you right!! Haha! You've always been such a hard working, go getter! You will always succeed in life no matter what hits you! Go ahead and say it...*im becoming my mom*! Not a bad thing.... Love you and so prouf of you! Great post!
    Momma j

  16. I love this. And your job does sound pretty awesome. So happy for you! now, I just need to figure out what I want to be when I "grow up" ;)

  17. Super jealous of your job! Sounds like you're not only doing something you love, but you're successful as well. I'd give anything to not just be another face in a cubicle and to actually be doing something I enjoy and am making a difference. I've never liked any of my jobs, the first couple out of college were "assistant" positions and I knew I didn't go to college to be someone's assistant. Now, I work in insurance, and I'm making better money, but I'm still out in cubicle city, and have awful co-workers and a micro-manager boss. Needless to say, I'm miserable.

    This post was so inspiring, and I now it's time for me to take charge of my so-called career and turn it into a career and something I don't dread waking up 5 days a week for.

  18. Wow.. major typo.. I meant "I Know it's time for me to take charge"


  19. Don't think I've commented before so "Hi!!". I love this post. I felt exactly like this until recently. I went for a complete career change and now I'm so happy and actually look forward to work! Weird feeling! It's so good that you're loving your job, it sounds awesome! :)

  20. Thank you SO much for this. I don't have kids, but struggle with anxiety/depression. Just yesterday in fact, I talked to a natural health doctor about what I could do to help myself, instead of medications, since I'm trying to get pregnant. She told me all of these different things they could do, and to fix what actually causes the problem-and it's all natural. AND safe to do if I do get pregnant. So THANK YOU for working where you do, and helping people :)

  21. Momma J up there is right! LOVE this serious side of you ;) is a full time job as your sidekick waiting for me if we move there?! SO glad you love it because if you didn't I'd probabyl hear about all that drama

  22. Thanks SO much for sharing this video!! I work for a wellness center as well and I absolutely adore what we do! :)

  23. What an amazing post! I recently decided to stop letting myself just be unhappy and make the steps to improve my life and its always great to hear that other people took the risk and it paid off for them!

  24. It is sooo awesome you love your job so much!! Nothing in the world is better than waking up excited to go to work!!!
    That video is heart touching.

  25. Love, love, LOVE!!!!!!

    What's the sentiment if you love you're job you'll never work a day in your life. I too have held a few different positions in many aspects of different types of companies, what a relief when you find your calling. You are truely BLESSED, I love your challenge and I'll be blog stalking to check out your work website again, I seem to remember you linking it in a post. Maybe I'll even be blessed to get a few recommendations from the mess herself!

    Great post and inspiration!

    xoxo holly
    Everydays a Holly-Day

  26. I have working in the Emergency room for over 4 years and while I like it, it didnt fulfill me and I didnt feel like I was helping people. I know sounds crazy but its true. In December I started a job with cancer specialists and I love it. I feel fulfilled everyday and love my patients. I still work in the ER occasionally just to get my adrenalin going but I know how you feel and when you find that perfect job you know it

  27. I have working in the Emergency room for over 4 years and while I like it, it didnt fulfill me and I didnt feel like I was helping people. I know sounds crazy but its true. In December I started a job with cancer specialists and I love it. I feel fulfilled everyday and love my patients. I still work in the ER occasionally just to get my adrenalin going but I know how you feel and when you find that perfect job you know it

  28. Oh my gosh! Steph, I always read your blog but today I felt the need to comment just to tell you you are amazing! That video had me in tears, and you are so right on every level about doing something that you LOVE doing..

    I've been working at Dell in IT sales for over 2 yrs and as it has been the best job I've had financially and with crazy amazing benefits- it is SO stressful! LONG hours, always a little afraid of getting laid off - but most importantly something that I am NOT even close to being passionate about ---

    I'd been praying about it for so long and finally I've decided to go back to school for what I AM passionate about - Nursing. You are an inspiration for taking charge and going after what you believe! Thanks for this amazing post :) XOXO

  29. Someone once told me that if you love what you do then it's not "work" and I am a firm believer that is the biggest load of BS I've ever heard!! I could never do something every single day that I didn't absolutely LOVE and have a passion for! Thanks for sharing... glad to know you have a passion for what you do too :)

  30. I loved reading this post so so much! I watched the entire video too, I love that sweet woman and her lil' girl!

    I do something I DO love right now, but part of me knows there are other interests I always want to pursue. Those are the things that make me wonder if I'm not doing what I should... Thanks for challenging me to think and dip deeper today.

  31. Nowadays it's so hard to find that "dream job" or what we really want to do for 40+ hours a week so you are very lucky to have found that, especially at such a young age! Someone people go their whole lives working a job they hate, stuck in a rut & miserable every day. So props to you for inspiring others to go out & seek that dream job! Your job sounds like a lot of fun! Serious posts from you are still good :)

  32. It is always so nice to see that there really are people out there that truly love their job. I on the other hand, can't stand mine. I dream of the day when I am not here dealing with sick patients yelling at me. Yes, working 3 days a week is awesome, but everything else just blows. I have looked for new jobs and nothing amounts to the pay that I am making now. It's a hard life out there!!! The work force is brutal and it is very hard to find a new job now! So, I'm sticking it out until after the wedding!

  33. As much as I love your crazy {non-serious} side - I love your serious side too. We ALL have it, that's what makes us real!

    REALLY enjoyed this post & most of all I loved that video. I may or may not have watched it 3 times in a row - crying every time. I needed to see that.

    You're awesome, Steph♥

    Xo, Jess

  34. Your job sounds amazing! I worked a job that I absolutely hated for 1.5 years. I was treated poorly by supervisors, on call 24/7, took advantage of, treated unfairly, the list goes one an on. I ended up quitting after I graduated with my masters degree, because I didn't need the job. The job was great cause it was salary and 2x as much as I ever made. It also counted as my internship, so when I finished school, I quit. I couldn't take it anymore. I'm not working now, because I don't know what I want to do. My master's degree is in mental health, but I don't really want to do that :(

  35. I love my job! Happy to hear you do to!!


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