March 22, 2012

Dream Jobs

Following up on yesterday's post, while I do love my job, I can't help but think of a few other jobs out there that would be just downright the shizznit.

Let's talk dream jobs.

Dream jobs (or other people's jobs) that probably you, nor I, really ever thought of.

Chris Harrison
I don't know what his title is or really even what his "job" is but whatever it is, it's LA-GIT. (I know it's spelled "legit" but I wanted an emphasis on "LAAAAA".)

If I had to put money on it, I'd say his job description looks a little something like so:

Job Title: TV "Host" for ABC's "The Bachelor/ette/pad"
Job duties:
  • One skill:
    • Ability to say: "Ladies, this is the final rose." Once per episode. That's it.
Job Qualifications:
  • Non-sexual predator
  • Social skills
  • Healthy, functioning liver
  • Not afraid of heights, flying or being around 25 women at one time
  • Enjoys wearing makeup and suits
  • Okay with traveling the whole-freaking-world with a group of 20-something dramatic kids
Salary: $15.5 million (I don't know if this is forreal but Google said so.)

I rest my case. Most amazing job EVVVVA, right?!

Rob Dyrdek

You know who he is...owner of DC shoes, star of Rob & Big, Ridiculousness AND Fantasy Factory. Not that I would want to be the owner of a shoe company (& definitely not DC shoes) but have you SEEN his "office"?

It's like it's OWN city!
Don't get me wrong, I could do without the skate ramps so just imagine pools & sexy Brazilian cabana boys in their place.

He has a miniature pony, two English bulldogs (Meaty & Beefy) and get this...a freakin' foam pit within 100 yards of his desk. Umm hello, Santa?! I've been a good girl!
Last and definitely the most random dream job of all...

OPI Nail Polish Name Thinker Upper

Have you ever thought about the fact that someone out there is lounged back in their lush corner office making the big bucks all because they sit around naming nail polish colors after some defining moment in their life?? Because someone does...

That same someone also travels the world for "inspiration".
Tough job? Puh-lease. Throw me a friggin' bone.

"Call My Cell-ery" - who doesn't want the 0 calorie food at their finger tips?
"Cancun Fiesta" - which probably brings back his/her college memories of a one-night-stand in Mexico.
"Cabana Banana" - Oh heyyy, Chiquita.
 "Cozu-melted in the Sun" - yet another Mexican adventure. 
(I'm starting to think said "coordinator" is of the Hispanic dissent.)

I'd have to say some of my all-time faves are from the Texas line (duh):
"Y'all come back, ya hear!"
"Big Hair. Big Nails."
"San Tan-tonio"
"Do you think I'm Tex-y?"

By the way, if you're wondering where this stroke-of-genius blog post came from...
Lunch time mani...Strawberry Margarita by OPI
(Somebody take me to the beach!)

Thaz all she wrote. BYE.


  1. LOVE that nail polish color! I just bought it for my pedi!! :)

  2. I should seriously be the Name Thinker Upper for OPI... I mean seriously!!I would come up with some legit stuff... And I'll take free trips around the world for name inspiration.. Please and Thanks!

  3. HAHA I always wondered who gets to name nail polishes - what a fun job that would be - sign me up!! I can be pretty creative when I want to be:) Chris Harrison has the best job ever....hands down!

  4. I would have to pick Rob Dyrdek! But like you said, POOLS!!!

  5. I would kill for Rob Dyrdek's job! He basically does whatever he wants whenever he wants and makes major cash....

    That's what I call living.

  6. If I could be anyone in the world, I would hands down be Chris Harrison. What a lucky man, living the dream.

  7. All of these jobs would be amazing but I am LOVING the OPI one. I love the color big hair, big nails! Great post today :) You definitely had me laughing! And now I am really itching for another pink nail polish!

  8. This most cracked me up -- I always knew you were funny, but I swear you have the attack of the extreme funny bone lately and I hope it never goes away!!

  9. Love the nail color and your ring! do you wear a wedding band or just the ring? I only wear my ring and ppl think I am weird! I just haven't found the perfect wedding band to go with my unique ring. Maybe ill do a post on it one day! Anyhow, happy Friday eve!

  10. I could handle Rob Dyrek's job for sure!! He cracks me up!!! I wish my office was as fun as the foam pit thing! How fun would that be all day??!

  11. Rob is from my home town! It's crazy to think how rich he is! Along with Chris Harrison!! I love that nail polish color! Super cute!


  12. I will take the OPI nail polish namer job and a date with Chris Harrison. I'm sure his wife and my husband wouldn't mind...

  13. Oh man, I'm in heart with Rob... He's fracking hot and I would definitely jump him in that foam pit... and I may have taken that a little too far? ;)

  14. Oh man, I'm in heart with Rob... He's fracking hot and I would definitely jump him in that foam pit... and I may have taken that a little too far? ;)

  15. Oh man, I'm in heart with Rob... He's fracking hot and I would definitely jump him in that foam pit... and I may have taken that a little too far? ;)

  16. you just wanted an excuse to blast that ROCK.

    SO WOULD I!!!

    Mad respect Girlfriend!!


  17. Hahaha I LOVE Chris Harrison, he's the man! :)

  18. SERRRRIOUSLY! The OPI Name Makers have the best job ever, what I wouldn't give to sit in a room and brainstorm about nailpolish. I mean, I kind of do that anyways...but it'd be awesome to be paid for it.

  19. How awesome would it be to have a TV host job? I mean, for real, so easy (well, for outgoing people, I guess)!

  20. For Chris Harrison, you forgot to add in his job duties, "Saying 'The most dramatic season in Bachelor history.'" to the description!

    And Rob Dyrdek? YES PLEASE! Did you see the one where he entered into a grilled cheese competition! That shiz was LEGIT!

  21. LOVE that polish color! And this post cracked me up b/c EVERY time I watch the Bachelor (or Bachelorette), I tell my hubby how I totally want Chris Harrison's job! I could do it and I'd love it!

  22. hahahaha love Chris Harrison's job description! $15.5 mil is absolutely insane for what he does!!! Plus he gets to travel for free to a million amazing places! We should apply to steal his job I think!!!

  23. Hahaha I always say I want to name nail polish colors :)

    Love your mani (and goooorgeous ring!!)

    Very excited to be your newest blog follower :)

  24. those would be AMAZING jobs!! your nails look great too!

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