March 13, 2012

Wedding Season is in Full Bloom

Well holy heck, friends. Here we are again! 
Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?

Perhaps I''m just greedy...


This past weekend, my cousin Taryn from Florida tied the knot! To say we went 90-to-nothin' for 4 days straight would be a lie...

From dinner, to drinks, to pool, to beach, to Hooters, to country bar, to another dinner, to the wedding and finally a casino...we were non-freakin-stop. Let's not forget about the token trip to Wal-Mart while we're at it.

My mother has 4, yes FOUR, sisters. 
I can't even imagine what life would be like with ONE clone of myself so to have FOUR of "me" sounds like a terrible idea.
What do you get when you have FIVE Italian sisters in one room for FOUR days straight?? 


Oh wait, where was I?

So the minute I stepped off that plane, I looked up at the sky & had but one thing on my mind: 
Yeeaaaaa buddy!

After I got a little sun on mah buns, we headed over to my Aunt Donna's for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. (PS-I just had to Google that word...why couldn't they just stick with "appetizers"?)

The second I walked in, I deemed myself as the paparazzi cousin. I felt the need to go ahead and throw myself out there so everyone knew what they were in for. Who doesn't appreciate 750+ photos in one weekend? (And no. I'm not kidding...)

There were 768 to be exact so I'll only bore you with a few handfuls, K?

Me, Aunt Donna, Taryn (the bride) & Lauren (sister of the bride)

I somehow managed to finagle my way into seeing the dress before anyone else. That's just how I roll. It's amazing the things you can get away with when you tell everyone you're in charge of taking all the pictures...  ;)
Drop dead gawgeous!

Momma & me
That Beau...he's a real jerk. ;)


The next morning' we jumped out of bed and hit up Clearwater Beach.

Heaven on a bed of sand...

Rehearsal dinner was later that night so we got all cleaned up and headed to the yacht club.
Me & Aunt Mary (aka: my 2nd mother)


Doesn't my mom look so cute?! 
I know. She gets it from me...  ;)

The boys: Elliot & Blake

Me & the MOH

The night ended in me swiping a drink from the yacht club, Vegas Bombs @ Hooter's and doing "The Wobble" with my mom in a country bar. We're a dynamic duo, I tell ya.

And finally, the next day was the day we had all been waiting for!

Taryn & Chris
March 10, 2012
Is she not stunning?!?

Our [almost] entire family! Love them so so much!!

Mom & her man-candy, Tad. ;)
Poor guy had to put up with ALL of us for 4 days straight...

Aunt Toni, Aunt Mary, Me (duh), mom & Aunt Debbie <3

I am IN. LOVE. with this shot...

Mine & Beau's 1st dance song came on so this was our first time dancing to it since our wedding night! Not gonna was hard not to imagine myself in a long white dress again. I really love that kid!

And, well, what's a successful wedding without the most ridiculous candid photos of yours truly??

ONE wedding down.
FOUR to go!


  1. Where is the dress that you wore to the wedding from?! I neeeed it :) Thanks!

  2. Beau has nice feet! I love your green dress, so cute! :)

  3. GIRL! your dresses and outfits are 100% gorgeous!

    Looks like a fabulous weekend/wedding trip!


  4. I'm from Tampa and got married on Clearwater Beach! Gorgeous wedding and cute dresses!

  5. Your entire family is gorgeous, especially you and your mom! The wedding dress was beautiful! I'm super jealous that you went to the beach... I'm craving sand!

  6. OMG I LOVE the pic of you and Beau at the wedding! COORDINATED Perfectly!! :) Where is your dress from?

    Your mom is SO pretty! LOVE her dresses as well!!

    What a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

    Great pictures!! :)

  7. I LOOOOOVE your dresses!!! Beyond perfect!

    The wedding looked beautiful! :)

  8. could your dresses be anymore perfect!? i always feel like it is a struggle for me to figure out what to wear to a wedding and you NAILED it. also, damn girl...i need to do whatever you are doing. totally bikini ready, and i am not even close!

  9. you look beautiful! and your mom in that cheetah dress um hott!

  10. I agree with everyone else, that dress is awesome. I love that Beau loves the blog limelight. Also, your mom looks fantastic.

    PS - Clearwater is the shit.

  11. I'm so jealous you got to go to the beach! I have been to Clearwater before and that beach is just stunning! And your cousin made a beautiful bride! I love that photo of her dancing with her dad. So sweet!

    PS- Your mom is gorgeous!

  12. Oh it looks like yall had so much fun!! You looked beautiful!! I love every single outfit you wore!

  13. Looks like you had a good time!! I LOVVVE the first dress you wore. I think it was to the rehearsal. Where did you get it from?

  14. LOVE your dress! Looks like you had a blast lady, and your cousin looks so happy!

  15. Im jumpin on the where is your dress from train?! I LOVE it!

  16. Holy huge bouquet batman! It looked really heavy!

    Gorgeous pictures, dresses, bride, and family! I'm glad you had such an amazing weekend.

    LOVING your dress you wore to the wedding. Is it from the Limited?

  17. I love both of your dresses in this post! Gorgeous!

  18. You have a beautiful family! I have four sisters & one of them is my twin!! I'm a jealous girl, I need a beach vacay.

  19. These pictures are amazing!! First off what a hot mama... your mom looks awesome in that leopard dress & I love the one of you & Beau at the rehearsal dinner. The ny & co dress is SO cute on you. Pleaaase do a post on how you curled your hair for the wedding!!

  20. I almost ordered your rehearsal dress for one of my wedding showers! After seeing how good it looks on, I just may!! LOVE your pictures from the beach! What type of camera do you have?! It picked up the colors amazingly well :)

  21. My Mom has FOUR {Italian} sisters also - how fun! She has four brothers too, total of 9 kids! Yeahhh.. my grandma was always preggers.

    Beautiful post, such a fun weekend! You and the Beau are just to darn stinkN' adorable! :)

  22. I just realized I made my grandma look like a cheap-scape. YES she was preggers ALL the time, however always by my grandpa. She's Catholic... what can I say? Don't believe in Birth Control.

    Xo, jess

  23. Love your pictures!! Love your outfits of course too!! Looks like SUCH a wonderful weekend! Like everyone else, where did you get the dress you wore to the wedding!?

  24. Great pics of you and Beau! That green and navy dress looks stunning with those nude heels, if I do say so myself. Nicely done. So gorgeous!

  25. I love both of your dresses, where is the green and blue one from? Adorable!

    The bride looks STUNNING. That dress is so absolutely perfect!

  26. Hey its momma J! Me and my *man candy* had a blast with steph and beau!! They are just adorable and so proud they are mine!
    Thanks for all the compliments...I got my looks from steph lol (she lloks like here daddy). But she did get my eyes and the good italian skin. Can't wait to do it with them again. Love those kids!

  27. You always have the cutest clothes and now I see where you get it from! Your whole family dresses amazingly!

  28. love the pics and dresses!! looks like u had fun!! love the last pic, my fave!

  29. Love the pics everyone looks so pretty... you know what I came to the conclusion of? I think you look more like your aunt mary than your mom?!?! Does anyone ever say that?? So pretty!! And Im major jelly of the tan you got and the sun and sand ha!!!

  30. Family weddings are so fun! Your cousin looked beautiful and her flowers were amazing. I loved both of the dresses that you wore; so cute!

  31. So fun!! Great pictures :) I love BOTH of your dresses, beautiful!

  32. Looks like a great time! I love love the dress you wore for the wedding!

  33. What better place to be for a wedding than the beach!?!?!

    Your cousin looked amazing! And that it!! You don't see big bouquets like that very often these days. Beautiful!

  34. What better place to be for a wedding than the beach!?!?!

    Your cousin looked amazing! And that it!! You don't see big bouquets like that very often these days. Beautiful!

  35. What a lovely wedding! You were in my neck of the woods!!! And I think the priest that married them used to be my old pastor!!! Small world!

  36. Love love the 2 dresses you wore & your mom is so adorable!!! Looks like y'all had fun! I would gladly go to Florida for a wedding :)

  37. I love your dresses! You look so pretty in all of these photos!

  38. WHERE did you get that dress?? I have to order it. Today. Your Mom's date is very handsome :-)

  39. Can we trade bodies when it's my wedding day? k thanks. OH and I'll need it for my honeymoon too.

    Don't be sad. I might give it back.

  40. Can't believe you were so close to me once again! Looks like a great wedding!


  41. Loved both of your dresses! Also LOVE Clearwater Beach! My hubby and I go there often! :)


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