December 3, 2012

Dear Santa...But Really...

xmas 2012

New return address stamp. Gold monogram bracelet. Gold Betsey Johnson watch. White rocking chairs. MK travel tote. Weight set. Succulent napkin rings. Rhodesian ridgeback puppy. (Ha. Haha.)

Sure...all of these "things" would be nice...


A cozy morning in my pj's. French vanilla coffee. A crackling fireplace. Lots of love. Time with my family. 
And, of course, a little champagne.

Most of all, what I'd really love for Christmas for you to help this sweet little girl and her family as she battles yet another bout of cancer.
 Please visit Katie's blog (& take a tissue with you) to read the full story on Princess Maggie and to see how you can help. Whether it's something as simple as a prayer, or even a $5 donation, I just know you kind-hearted love muffins will be able to help in some way shape or form.

Katie's goal is to hand-deliver a check to the family on Christmas Day.
That girl...heart of gold right there. Now GO!


  1. I looked at your wish list last night on Pinterest and pinned the MK bag! Both your lists are totally exceptable :)

  2. Cute post girl! All that stuff would look great in your new HOME - so excited for you :) I actually haven't asked for a thing yet. I'm just SO excited to celebrate Christmas as newlyweds this year, so cheesy but it's true. I got a scnazzy Betsey watch last year, I never take it off. Good luck ;)

  3. oh i would LOVE a warm fireplace. living in an apartment here in california, we don't get those or at least they are far and few between. love sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa or wine ;)

  4. I see that rocking chair and all I can think of is Cracker Barrel and all of those chairs outside. They're really uncomfortable though, they back my budonk go to sleep.

  5. I'm such a holiday sap... loved your second list, very similar to mine! :)

  6. Cute wishlists! I would love that fireplace and of course a glass of champagne! What template do you use to make these? I can't seem to find one that's blank. Thanks!

  7. I love the 1st wish list however I must admit I cherish the 2nd one a whole lot more :)

  8. i hope your office wont mind me mailing that puppy to you ;-) IMAGINE!?!?!

    i love all of your lists. With champaigne to top it all off :) Perfection!

    going to help out little maggie for sure!! <3 love you girly

  9. LOVE your list, all of them! I posted mine yesterday :) Happy Holidays girlie!

  10. Maggie is such an angel. SO blessed to be able to help her out!!

    PS: I think we have the same "Dear Santa" lists ;) If only Santa had an unlimited budget...

  11. Jamal and I got this delicious apple wine that has cinnamon and nutmeg in it and you drink it warm, cannot wait to have some on Christmas!

  12. I love you sweet muffin for sharing this! :) thank you thank you! Also, I know what you really and Rocky and Billy under your xmas tree! in onesies of course! Ok, you really just want rocky but I'll pretend that's not the truth.

  13. Great list(s)! And thanks for reminding me I wanted to order a new custom return address stamp, I got one for our wedding invites, but alas we've since moved :-P

  14. Ok I think I've asked you before ... BUT what did you use to make the lists?? I am really trying to not have to break down and buy photoshop or anything crazy, but everyone's lists are so cute and mine are so blah ha :( What do you think is the best to use?? Thanks pretty lady. Hows the house coming?? XO

  15. I cannot tell you the excitement I felt when I stumbled across his blog post. I was on Pinterest and one of the girls I follow pinned your coffee mug idea for long distance and I loved it so much that I decided to check out the rest of your most recent blogs. As I scrolled down the page of your wish list an image of a little girl popped up and to my surprise it was my niece! It is so great to see the love that is spread across the country from Ohio to Texas. Thank you for helping my family this Christmas!


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