December 31, 2012


There are many things in this life of mine I'd like to accomplish.  (Believe it or not.) I've "thought" about my bucket list for about 5.2 seconds until I realized my list was far too broad. There was no "timeframe" or really any rhyme or reason to itso I figured I'd be a little more simple and get myself organized with a more reasonable list of goals for myself...the good ol' 30 before 30. (30 things to accomplish before my 30th birthday...for you special kids out there.)


[covers mouth]

[hangs head]

I can't believe my 30th (& golden) birthday is only a mere 3 years and some odd months away. Wasn't I just 16, like, yesterday?

Oh no. That was 10 years ago. Shiiiiizzzz.

Anywho...I've been working on this list-o-mine for a while now. Four months to be exact. Some of them are big, others may seem minor, but what I will personally gain from accomplishing them will be much larger than some ravish vacation in the Wine Country. (But don't get me wrong...that ravish vacay IS on my list. #5, to be exact.)

Oh, and since I started working on this a few months ago, I've already been able to cross off one of them! (Kinda like making a to-do list and listing something you've already done? It just feels better to get one thing crossed out...same principle applies here.)
  1. Pay for someone else's meal anonymously
  2. Witness a proposal (Double check. Here & here!)
  3. Be a maid of honor
  4. Learn graphic design
  5. Drink wine in Napa
  6. Learn how to shoot in manual (& be semi-decent at it)
  7. Make double mortgage payments once/year
  8. Pack only in a carry on for a trip
  9. Eat a raw diet for 3 days straight
  10. Turn my blog into a book
  11. Write a gratitude for a full year - in progress!
  12. Find a church and go regularly
  13. Swim in Lake Michigan
  14. Grow blog to 6,500 followers
  15. Send handwritten cards once/week
  16. Renew our vows in April 2016
  17. Have a baby
  18. Go an entire week without social media
  19. Host a party all on my own
  20. Start a new family tradition
  21. Take a vacation with just Beau and myself
  22. Visit my family in Tennessee
  23. Send my mom on a vacation
  24. Get a puppy
  25. Be a leader in my company
  26. Buy Beau a Ford cash
  27. Wake up at 5am every week day
  28. Work out 3 times per week before work
  29. Rebuild savings account to at least $25,000
  30. Pay it forward in a really BIG way
So there. 30 before 30. I figure if I accomplish 10 a year, I'll be doing good.

In saying that, can you take a stab at what my New Year's Resolution is?

Ok. It's to accomplish 11 things on my list (since one of them is already knocked out.) It's never too late to get a little ahead of the game. ;)

Happy New Year, loves! Now go out there and rock 2013 like nobody's business, will ya?!


  1. great list girlfriend! i did one of these a few years ago...i really need to find the list and see how i'm doing!

  2. I made a mini bucket list at my last birthday and it's been great to cross things off the list! When you decide to cross that Lake Michigan one off the list? You MUST go to Leland.. most beautiful place in the world & LOTS of vineyards in the area :)

  3. Puppies and babies oh my! So glad I get to kind of be along for the ride :)
    P.S. this Napa trip sounds freakin fantabulous.

  4. That's a GREAT list!!! :) Lake Michigan is one of my FAVORITE places in the summer time.

  5. Love this list! You can do it sister!

  6. I turned my blog into a book and I LOVED IT!!!I will tell you that if its very long its pricey! I paid about 200 for mine. and that was just for one year.. you have family in TN? thats where I'm from!!!

  7. girl you dont look a day over 21!! You are GOOOD to go!

    you have inspired me to make a bucket list. This is awaesome!

    i like 17 :-) and 24

    basically this whole list is AMAZING! I know you're going to rock it!

    happy new year!! I AM SO HAPPY 2012 let me meet you and beau! Seriously one of the highlights of 2012. I just LOVE you guys to pieces!!


  8. Can't believe the big 3-0 is only a little over 3 years doesn't seem possible! I feel like a senior in high school with a mortgage payment, husband, 2 dogs, & a constant grocery list & laundry stack. When did we get here??!!

  9. Such a great list, I can't wait to make my own! Happy New Years!

  10. I love your 30 before 30 list!! My favorites are:

    Drink wine in Napa ~ my husband and I honeymooned in Napa in September! It's as beautiful as you imagine it will be and you must, must, must go! {Yep, I married a man who LOVES to drink red wine. I feel like the luckiest lady in the world!}

    Visit family in Tennessee ~ what part of TN, if you don't mind me asking? I grew up in Chattanooga and I miss TN dearly! Hubby and I hope to move back to Knoxville one day.

    Happy New Year, beautiful!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  11. How about we meet up in napa and drink that wine? Love your list. I'll be thirty in February, so my list is more geared to what I want to accomplish after thirty. Thanks for posting and getting me motivated.

  12. Looks like a great list!!!

  13. Great list! And Napa is magical! You will love it when you go! I promise! ;-)

  14. I've been working on my list as well!
    But I've got 6 years before Thirty arrives!

  15. Love this list! A few missing from my list, so I might have to borrow some :)

  16. in love with this list! i need to do this as my 26th is approaching.

  17. Love your list!! I just started my 30 by 30 list on my 29th birthday....good work giving yourself more time! :)


  18. This is a great idea, I also can't believe I'm closer to 30 than 20 too. I'm not sure I could ever do #8, maybe a day trip! #12 is on my must do list for 2012. Good luck!!


  19. I love this idea! I only have a little over 2 years and I 100% agree...holy moly! I think I need to start mine asap. Can't wait to see your progress!

  20. I kind of love #17. ;)
    Also, if you swim in Lake Michigan you might want to take a full wetsuit, it's COLD! Haha, I've done it before - I have family on the Lake!

    Simple Suburbia

  21. Great list! I pray that you accomplish all of your goals!

    Learning graphic design can be a complete nightmare! I'm still learning even though I'm opening my own web and graphic design business this month.

    Puppies are always nice to have around. It's like they become a part of your family after a while =)


  22. Loved this, think I need to make one now! Thanks for sharing!

  23. I love this and a aby sounds wonderful. Plus its always nice to have an extra 25000! I hope you can achieve all of this now time to start my own!!

  24. Weird...Orlando isn't on that list. 31 in 30, yes?

  25. If I weren't already over 30, I might think about doing this.

  26. I need to start making my list! I turn 30 in 2 years...ahhh!!!

    I love your #30. How awesome would that be?!

  27. love all these! I should make one of these lists too..although it would be 40 before mother effing 40!!!!!!!!

  28. Love this idea!! I'm doing a 28 before 28 for next year!!

  29. Love this list. I need to do something similar!

  30. Love these... might have to steal a few!

  31. I love lists and my 30b30 list has been so much fun. Good luck! Also, I'll follow up so I can say that i helped :)


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