December 5, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who's the fairest of them all?
Oh wait. Don't answer that becuase I know it's not me.
(Ignorance sometimes IS bliss, people.)
Anywho-per usual I've come across some pretty amazing beauty finds recently and as my blogging due diligence, I'm here to report them to you.
Numbero Uno: Fab Mary Kay Finds
Oh Mary...where have you been?! I remember my mom selling her stuff back in the early 90's in that fancy pink briefase thing but here recently she's reappeared in my life and is better than ever!Mary Kay
  Your's truly sporting the mascara and lip stick with a little clear lip gloss over it. (Let's not talk about my sleepy eyes. This was first thing Sunday morning after a late Saturday night out.)

The makeup remover is the best oil-free kind in all the land. Honestly. And the bottle is BIG so it looks like it's going to last me all the way through menopause. Kidding. But for only 15 dollhairs, you definitely get your money's worth!

The Lash Love mascara...Ohhhh mascara. What would I do without thee? Oh, right. I'd look like a 16 year old boy. I've heard a LOT about MK's mascara and the rumors are true. It's The brush is really fine so it applies really well to your lashes and there's a LOT in the little tube so you don't have to layer and layer it on like I've had to do with other mascaras.

And though I'm not a huge lipstick kinda girl, I think MK has made me a changed woman. I'm wearing the Cream Lipstick in Sheer Blush. It's so perfectly light and once I added a thin layer of clear gloss, I was even more smitten.

*Just for you lucky readers, little Miss thing Brandi is offering 15% off your entire purchase for the rest of the month AND free shipping on orders over $50. Umm... yes please!

Questions? Shoot her an email!
Numbero Dos: Original College Jeans

That's right. Premium denim with YOUR college logo on the pocket! While I'm still anxiously awaiting for them to get the UH copyright, I tried the solid pocket skinny jeans, which will be perfect for non-gamedays, too, and I kid you not...I about died and went to heaven the first time I put these skinnies on. (Please note that it is currently 80 degrees here in Houston so there was no way in helllll-o I was taking pics of me in boots so flip flops it is. Sorry I'm not sorry.)
They're REALLY long so you can roll them up and they still look cute. (Iono what it is about skinnies but I always feel it's necessary to roll up the bottoms when I wear them with flats?) They're low cut which is perfect for you ladies with short torsos like mahself. The color is pretty much perfect and they are SO comfy! I wore them all day long and they never once stretched out! (Sidenote: they do run about a size too big so make sure you order them in one size smaller so they'll fit just right. I mean, what girl doesn't want to be forced to order smaller jeans!?)
Numero tres: Hana Air

I've been a blow dryer snob for quite some time now. Chi has always been my go-to...until now. Ladies-if there's ONE thing you spend money on...make sure it's a good blow dryer.

Enter: Hana Air

'Tis true. Once you go black, you never go back. (Sorry. Had to.)
Generally my hair resembles that of a fluffball if I blow dry it without flat ironing the crap out of it. Not anymore!
*No flat iron was used in the testing of this product! Scout's honor.
I was honestly skeptical that I'd like it because my Chi has been so tried and true for YEARS but girls...I haven't touched my Chi since the day this one showed up at my door step!

You and your credit card bill are welcome.

Happy shopping! ;)


  1. If a blow dryer can make my hair that straight I'm all over it!! I just have a cheapo blow dryer and when Im done with it I am a big ol fluffball.

  2. Girl, Mary Kay changed my life lol. Pretty sure everything in my make up bag is from Mary Kay! They have an amazing mineral powder foundation too! And have you tried their under eye creams? I usually don't believe the hype but I got to try them and let me just tell you, you look fresh faced and very awake withing minutes! It's awesome!

  3. Awesome! Love the ideas, I need to look into those!

  4. Ha! I use every one of those MK products...I'm actually wearing that lipstick right now! lol

  5. I'm with Darby - every single one of those MK products are on my dresser right now. I live for their makeup remover! I also use their moisturizer and eye-firming cream. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE.

  6. Um, I need that blowdryer in my!

  7. I've had a sultra siren for a while and it's a comparable price. Maybe I should order this one and see if it's better. You've given a convincing case ;-)

  8. I just got the hana elite flat iron to test, so far so good!! :) LOVE all of those MK products too, especially the mascara!!!! :)

  9. hello!!! you should post about your skincare routine


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