July 16, 2013

FREE Pancakes for Everyone (A Recipe)

Ok so I lied.

No free pancakes for everyone today but because you asked for the recipe a gazillion times on yesterday's post and on Instagram over the weekend, I bring you what I call "FREE Pancakes". Technically they're not "free" because you've gotta go buy all the stuff to make them but since they're literally free of everything, I though the name was fitting.

And by "free of everything" I really mean everything: gluten, dairy, eggs & sugar.

The first batch I made over the weekend included 80% dark chocolate chips and were uh-may-zing. I kid you not. BUT-they were SO rich and way to sweet for me to eat over and over again. If you're a dark chocolate nut, toss 'em in your mix and you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. Literally.

*makes about 8 six-inch pancakes
  • 1 C almond flour (or coconut flour or gluten-free oat flour)
  • 1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 t sea salt
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 1 1/2 T olive oil
  • 1/3 C unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/8 C water
  • 1/4 C dark chocolate chips (optional)
  • In a medium-size mixing bowl, mix together all ingredients to make batter.
  • Scoop out about 1/3 C pancake batter and pour onto a hot griddle or skillet. (Don't forget to spray it with olive oil or cooking spray to prevent sticking!)
  • Once they start to bubble on top, flip those babies and cook until golden brown on both sides. Careful! Don't flip them too early!
  • Top with a little Earth Balance soy-free, dairy-free spread. Drizzle a little sugar-free syrup on top
  • And then...

You are oh-so-welcome!


  1. Yum! Going to have to try these out! Especially since we have ALL of the ingredients already! So it would be even more FREE then ;) haha! Did Beau eat these too?? I made these (Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/pin/4855512070703753/) before & I liked them, but I made my hubby regular ones ha!

  2. Totally saving this! I make pancakes using applesauce all the time but have been looking for a new recipe! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. Yes I ate them. They are much thicker than pancakes more of like a French toast, I have been putting powder sugar on mine.

    Very Good!!


  4. Drooling on my desk right now - I have a major weakness for breakfast food. Definitely going to make these ASAP!

  5. Beau! hahaha! love it...powdered sugar--good choice!

    steph these look so good! ive never even THOUGHT to use applesauce?? genius.

    now to convince kurt to eat them--though im sure if he knew beau did, he would hahah


  6. Penning and definitely going to need to try these!

  7. Uhhhh. YUP. I'll be making these soon!!! ;-D Thanks for sharing!!

  8. WOW! These look amazing! I'll have to try them out soon!

  9. ohh wow will have to try these. love that your hubby left a commen, too cute!!xx

  10. You said free so I take it my flight there to eat these are free + my return flight is free + and of course our priceless memories made in between eating these (and everything else under the sun) will ALWAYS be free?

    Get back to me about this please, really need to know!


  11. I can't wait to try these! Thanks for sharing!! XO

  12. yum yum yum!!! I'm going to try these out (: (: Does the almond flour make it taste... almond-y? I have a weird thing with almond flavored things... I like the plain nuts but almond cookies, marzipan, etc, count me out haha

  13. YESSS!! Thank you Steph!!! I have to tell you - I went mostly (really totally except fruit) yeast-free for two weeks, plus worked out a lot, right before my wedding - I went from a 6/8 to a LOOSE 4 and felt sooooo good! Then I went on my honeymoon and now I'm trying to get back on track ... but I just LOVE oats, yoghurt, and rice!!

  14. I may have to try these. esp since they are gluten free. HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY.


  15. That recipe is so interesting. I use a dairy, gluten, sugar, and egg free recipe too but it's completely different ingredients. It kinda just blows my mind all the different things you can do with food. You're recipe is actually much simpler. I may have to give this version a try!

  16. Yum and it's gluten free...BONUS!


  17. Delish! I made these this morning and they were heaven! And the made my apartment smell like a bakery! Thanks for posting the recipe.

  18. So I make these like once a week! I used coconut oil instead of olive oil this time... AMAZING.

  19. I'm making these this weekend! Matt has committed to doing YF with me (although hesitant about the first two weeks & we just started yesterday!) I'm trying to think of all kinds of stuff to make to keep him going! Hoping he'll enjoy these!! Was also thinking of trying cinnamon in them also - not much, just a little. You think that would taste good? I may do the first batch by the recipe & then vary from there!


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