July 29, 2013

I'm THAT Dog Mom

Last Thursday we rang in Oakley's half birthday and don't think for a second that we didn't celebrate it with sprinkle filled treats! Around these parts, we celebrate darn near everything with treats! Why not?!

6 months. Whoa. I never thought I'd see the day. Better yet, I didn't think she would either! ;) The fact that we both made it out of the bitey, poopey, yappey, full-blown puppy stages alive is a miracle in and of itself. You think I'm kidding?

Okay...so maybe I do miss her being tiny enough for me to pick her up and hold her with one arm and squish her whenever I want to but honestly, she's a LOT of work! A LOT! Don't get me wrong now. She's worth it in more ways then I could ever know so excuse me while I get all sappy for a moment but I never thought I could love a four-legged, furry, sassy, strong, HUGE, yet, beautiful, sweet, snuggly furchild as much as I do Miss Oakley. She's my girl. That's for sure. :) And she puts up with me. We're a good combo and Beau is just lucky he gets to deal with us. ;)

She has a terrible life, I tell ya...

Age: 6 months and 4 days (I'm a few days behind...forgive me.)
Weight: 69.8 pounds and growing daily...
Height: 23 inches

  • Her mom (duh) Ok kidding...
  • Going on LONG walks these days and running with me! At last! A dog I can RUN with!
  • Hunting for birds and bugs.
  • Meeting new friends. Her newest BFF is a Springer Spaniel named Sophie. :)
  • Snuggling - if her head isn't ON yours, she (and you) won't be getting any sleep.
  • Being underneath our bed, even though she barely fits anymore. She's gonna get stuck one of these days...
  • Rides in the golf cart. This is becoming a nightly occasion for her...ok...and us! ;)
  • Taking her fish oil...finally!
  • Her new food - Fromm Family all natural puppy food. If you're looking for a really good, holistic dog food, Fromm is excellent and Oakley devours it it minutes! Find it here.
Happy half birthday Oakie Bear!
Thanks for turning me into one of those crazy, obsessed dog moms. ;)


  1. YAY 6 months for oakley!!! :-)

    kurt and I were actually just talking about her on sunday...we read an article about the top loyal dog breeds an kurt was like "steph and beaus dog is definitely one of the types of dogs i think of when I think of them being loyal" awww :)

    i love that she loves hunting for bugs. I can picture her giant paws just clumsily trying to smash them. I love that face

    you should throw a first birthday party for her and invite all the neighborhood dog friends/birds/bugs/people (like me) hahah

    love this steph!! Happy half birthday oakley!


  2. I feel the same way about our puppy, even if she is a 1 1/2. As much work as they are I'd be lost without her.

  3. Happy 6 months Oakley! :) She's so grown up!

  4. the love for my dogs makes me scared to have children one day. How could I love them more? And thank you for the dog food recommendation. I have been on the hunt for a natural one and this company looks amazing.

  5. Our dog liked going under our bed too, and yes, one day he was too big and yes, he did get stuck! Saddest little sounds he made :( But that just means they'll want to start snuggling on TOP of the bed with you more :)

  6. We loved Fromm when we used it! Such a great company :) I can't wait until my pup's bday in October so that I can buy him a birthday cake from the dog bakery!! Oh yes I am ;) And getting party hats!

  7. Such a cutie! From one crazy dog lady to another..it's only just begun!

  8. This is too sweet! I feel the same way about my Rocky. It was a rough but beautiful beginning and he is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! Love that boy to pieces! We celebrated his first birthday with a cake from the dog bakery and party hats :) Happy 6 months to Oakley! :)

  9. I just love how this is a baby update. And I can't wait until there are baby updates because if you are like this with a dog, the baby updates will be epic.

    Just sayin'.

    Oh, and I didn't mean that to sound like I was starting pregnancy rumors. lol. Oakley is just so cute!!!!

  10. my goodness that went fast! We host a Tall Tails link up on Tuesdays that this post would be perf for (it's an excues to talk about our pups!)

  11. Coming from the girl who just blogged homemade dog treats! I am right there with you! Puppy is SO much work - but man they are worth it!!

  12. Ahhh I love this little update. I never considered myself a "dog person" but after getting Tilly and now Lizzie, I'm a bit obsessed. I can only imagine how a child will make me feel. hehe Hope you have a great week friend.

  13. Awww happy half-birthday to Oakley! She is so adorable! And huge! I'm one of those dog mom's too..totally celebrate the dog's birthday :)

  14. I'm also a crazy dog mom! I never had dogs growing up, and both my parents tried to talk me out of getting a puppy. My husband on the other hand, has had a dog his entire life and supported me wanting a puppy of our own. Lucy just had her first birthday last week, and I went just a tiny bit overboard :) Check out my post over at Melanie Gets Married to see all the fun we had: http://melaniegetsmarried.blogspot.com/2013/07/lucy-turns-one.html
    I'm talking birthday hat, birthday banner, and yes... doggie donuts! What can I say, our puppy is our baby until we are ready for actual children.

    Happy Half Birthday to Oakley! She is getting so big!

  15. LOVE THIS! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

  16. Dog are THE best!! Oakley is such a pretty pup!

  17. Happy half birthday Oakley! I can't believe she is already 6 months. I have our pup's month birthday marked on my google calendar so I wont miss it ;)

  18. Haha power to the crazy dog ladies. I'm right there with you. People who don't love dogs are seriously disturbed. Happy 1/2 birthday to your babe!
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  19. I'm so glad that there are other crazy dog moms out there. I just got photos taken for the blog and I took my 10 month old puppy Layla with me for them! And she will be getting a full on (doggy) birthday cake in 2 months!

  20. How cute! The other day I caught myself looking at old pictures of my dog of when we first got him. He was tiny and I miss that.

  21. Happy half birthday Oakley!! I think she deserves lots of treats for being so cute!!

    I'm curious to know what you are giving her the fish oil for. Our dog has really bad skin allergies and someone recently recommended trying the fish oil. How does Oakley take it?

  22. Aw....happy half birthday to her!

  23. So sweet! She's gotten so big! Happy half birthday, Oakley :)

  24. Ummm...don't even feel bad about this post. My post today was for my fur baby's 3rd birthday. It oozes dog lady...lol

    The dog Mom post I was talking about lol--->http://allthatglitters810.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/happy-birthday-little-miss-sophie/

  25. Love the pictures, she is gorgeous. We also have Ridgeback and she is my favorite running partner.
    Our vet did caution us to wait until she was at least a year old before I started running with her. They are still growing and there is potential for future problems with her joints if she goes too far, too fast.
    Just my 2 cents :)

  26. I have a question I was wondering how long it took you to potty train Oakley and how you did it? I have a puppy that I would love to have sleep with us but she can't make it through the night in her crate w/o peeing all over.


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