July 23, 2013

Sorry For Partying

Actually no. I'm not.

I'm not sorry for partying in the video you'll find below.

You see, THE one and only Erica from Young and Fabulous videotaped just about our entire 4th of July trip to the Frio River and I'm not gonna lie...the footage you're about to preview sums up the whole damn trip. Now you'll know why we didn't have many pics to show in the recap I posted here. :)

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do! In the meantime, I'll be sulking and wondering WHY on God's green Earth are Texas, Ohio and Massachusetts are SO gosh darn far away from each other? :/

The 5 minute mark steals my heart again and again and again and again. I still can't get over the fact that these girls came from miiillllees away to surprise me so we could all be reunited.

Frio River 2K14...get ready for it...


  1. I love this and all of you so much! So happy you have so many things to remind you guys of your fun surprises! :) Have a great week pretty girl.

  2. Oh my gosh Steph!!! That is HILARIOUS!!! I love it ..... Now I can't not ask - who is the guy wearing a speedo?!? Bahahaha!

  3. Soooo frickin' cute! You guys are just adorable. And Oakley totally stole the video, just sayin ;)

  4. I'm obsessed. That is all.

  5. II LOOOVE US!!!

    i keep watching it (and the ones that didnt make the cut LOL) and just am so happy. We had SO MUCH FUN

    theres a line in the song "we dont wanna take no photos we just wanna take shots" or something and that was SO US that week! Thank god i brought the vid camera out everyday even after kurt was like "what if you drop it in the river!!!" psshhh i got steady hands ;-)

    FRIO 2014!!

  6. Obsessed. Y'all are all the cutest little friends :)

  7. I already watched this last night :)) LOVEEE it!! I actually blogged today for the first time in ages ... SOOO Im thinking I want to come to TX next year with Katieee :)) Looked like so much fun!!

  8. That is AMAZING!!! Such great memories and you kids know how to Par-TAY!

  9. what an awesome video to have for memories!

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!!! This video is so so amazing!! It clearly shows much gorgeous all you girls, your hot studs of men and the most incredible Simmer trip to the river EVER!!! Such special memories x

  11. Where do I sign up. You guys never stop dancing! I like where your head's at.

  12. You girls are just too cute!! Can I be your BFF too??? SO fun!

  13. Awe.So cute. You all look like you're having a blast!


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