July 18, 2013

Throwin' It Back {Young Love Style}

If by "throwin' it back" you think I'm talking about a glass of vino, you are correct but it's not even 10am and apparently boozing at work is "frowned upon". Say wha?

If you also think by "throwin' it back" you think I'm referring to "Throwback Thursday", you are even more correct.

And by "throwback" I mean, baby pictures of Beau and I. Circa 2006, to be exact. Holy whoa-we're getting old!

Before you enjoy, please disregard all chipmunk cheeks, mmmkay?
Disney World 2006
If I remember this trip correctly, this was the one where we went with his parents and they were nice enough to let us share their room with them. Broke  college kids = free hotel room. We had only been dating for a short while (mayyyybe 6 months) and were still considered "kids" which resulted in me sleeping with his mom (my now mother-in-law) and Beau sleeping on a rollaway cot. Oh the joys of dating! 
Halloween 2007
Beau and his friend James insisted on being Thing 1 & Thing 2 which consisted of a full face of makeup for the boys. Yours truly was the makeup artist and this was also the day the makeup titles "guyliner" (aka: eyeliner) and "manscara" (aka: mascara) were born. I went as a "Sexy Cowgirl Sheriff...whatever that means.)
Rodeo 2008
Well, hello extremely fat, yet tan, face!
Carnival Cruise 2008
The first, and most likely, the last cruise we'll ever take together. We both decided cruises really aren't our "thing". Especially those of the Carnival kind.
UH Football 2008

Puerto Rico 2008

Our graduation gift from his parents :)

St. Thomas 2009 for our friend Jon & Meagan's wedding

Scissor Biscuits softball/drinking team 2010

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age." -Lucille Ball

Happy Friday eve, kiddos!


  1. Love this!! My husband and I started dating in 2006 too and it's insane to look back at pictures and see how much we have changed since then! Such babies!The thing 2 make up is really creepy!

  2. I loved this post Steph! It's so crazy how different we all look in just a few short years! If you saw photos of Chris and I from 2008 you'd probably think we were a different couple!

  3. B & I started dating in 2006 too! :) It's crazy to look back & see the changes!!

  4. So cute! I love looking at pictures of couples throughout the years. so fun!


  5. The first time I ever met Brandon's parents was on a trip to Pigeon Forge TN. We'd been dating about a month and thankfully they got a hotel room with a living room that had a pull out sofa so I didn't have to stay in the 'bedroom' part.

  6. I love looking back on me and my husbands dating days, 2006 too! And of course, making fun of all the outfit/hair choices for myself. But your don't seem to be that bad!

  7. You two are just adorable. Where can I find me an adorable Beau in Chicago? LOL ;)

  8. You two look so cute through the years. So much fun to go through old pics and see how much we have changed. I made a lot of questionable fashion decision through the years! ;)

  9. y'all are cute together! How fun to travel so many places together. :)

  10. I agree with you on cruises - blech! Especially of the Carnival variety!

  11. You two are just precious together!

  12. So cute!!! I will never take a Carnival cruise ever again either. The worst!!

  13. He must have known you were a keeper when you were willing to share a bed with his mom, ha. Brandon and I have been together 5 years and are getting married in two months and my parents make us sleep in seperate rooms.
    Such cute pictures of you guys!

  14. Don't you love going back through old pics and reminiscing?! It's one of my fave things to do :) I might have to do a little throwback post of my own ;)

  15. omg you two

    i love it!! so precious!

    and the sleeping in separate bed things HAHAH i totally remember that!!

    love the disney one the best i think :) and beaus blue face. thats just awesome haha


  16. You two are ADORABLE!!! <3

  17. I really like that E card and this post!


  18. We went on a cruise once and walked away with the exact same comment!

  19. Y'all are too fun! I'm scared of mine and Michael's pictures that started in 2006. They are pretty scary. Not going to lie. And I'm pretty sure I had that pink dress. We should wear it one day and be matchy matchy.

  20. Awe so cute! I love the recap! You've been to some fun places and had some good adventures!

  21. Love this recap. So fun to see how we all change over the years. And totz jealous of ALL the places you two have traveled together :)
    sleeping with his mom and him on the cot, hilarious! oh to be young again and parents to think we are naive ;) lol

  22. Love this! =) You guys have been so many places!

    One thing I need to know... your make up secrets! Especially your eyeliner! What do you use on your waterline?!

  23. Absolutely love the quote at the end and live by it daily! Cute blog today!

  24. HAHA How did I miss this post last week?! I can't even. These pics are too much. YOU LOOKED HOT G/F! Even better than myself I might add. :) Sharing beds....I remember when me and billy had to sleep in seperate rooms or him in the basement when I would stay at his parents house... such good times haha!! Your pink dress in that one pic... can I borrow it?

  25. you two are so cute! loved looking at all of them


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