June 23, 2014

Blogger BFF Babies (You Knew It Was Coming!)

I've said it once before...and I said it again...and I'll say it again (and again, and again!)... ;)

Being pregnant with your best friends is quite possibly the most fun time in my life! I feel like it's something best friends dream of but the fact that so many of my girlfriends and I are pregnant at the same time seems a little unreal. Like...we pulled it off?!

From sharing ultrasound pics and maternity clothes finds, to talking about symptoms and dreaming of our babies growing up and either being the best of friends or even husband and wife, it has been such a fun journey to experience and I cannot wait to get all these babies together in one place...one day...

And now we welcome this girl to the club...

Yep! My Ohioan other half, Katie, is expecting her little babe in January 2015 and I could not be more excited for her and Billy!!! 

I have literally been busting at the seams waiting for her to announce this exciting news so head on over to her blog and check out ALL the adorable pictures of her and little (growing) family! Seriously...they're stunning!

But one more before you leave...because this guy is seriously the most precious ball of fluff you ever did see...
Do you die or what?

Rocky...I love you. 

Katie & Billy...I love you more and am so so SO excited for you and baby Krysh!!! I cannot wait to wrap my arms around that sweet little baby and pave our way through parenthood together!


  1. Great post Steff!!! I am so happy for them! And I so agree that ball of fluff is just dang cute!!!!
    Jen :)

  2. I'm going to agree, the picture of Rocky is melt-inducing :)

  3. How exciting for both of you guys!! How fun!!

  4. So, so exciting!! My best friend & I have talked for YEARS about being pregnant together & how much fun it will be!!

  5. I am just so excited for both of you! I cannot wait to see the little nuggets!

  6. How exciting!! I was waiting for this annoucement too!! I have been following both of y'alls blogs for awhile now and think that this is just so great for the two of you!! Congrats to the both of you again!! :)

  7. What a dream! Totally knew it was coming! Two of my best guy friends just had baby girls and I can't wait till my girlfriends follow!

  8. I know that y'all are so excited!! I love her announcement!

  9. Congrats!! What kind of dog is that!!!!!??? Beyond precious!


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