June 4, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 26 Weeks

Dress is a recent maternity find from Target & I LOVE it!

Can I just have a moment to celebrate the fact that I'M ALIVE?! Yes, indeed. There is LIFE in this body of mine again!! Praise Jesus! I woke up yesterday morning still dragging from the food poisoning that took up residence in my immune system late Saturday night and I honestly didn't think I'd ever feel like myself again. Thank GOODNESS for days off for a little R&R because I finally feel human again! (Hence the above photo which I felt well enough to get dressed for for the first time in three days.)

Ok let's go ahead and get this week's bump date underway mmmkay?!

How far along: 26 WEEKS! TWO. SIX! Wait? What in the what?! I know I say this every week but WHERE has the time gone?!

Baby's size: A head of lettuce! About 14 inches long and 2 pounds. Holy crap! 

Baby's progress: Her eyes are almost completely formed and will be opening any day now! She's also sucking up all my antibodies in order to build up her immune system for her big debut. (Hmmm...I wonder if that's why I was the only one who got sick this weekend??)

Weight gain: I'm not sure anymore because I think I lost 2-3 pounds this weekend. At least my untrustworthy scale tells me so. If I went by my scale, (not the doc's which is what I've been going by) I'm down a little to a total of 14 pounds gained. While I would usually be excited about this, I was so terrified this weekend that my little lady wasn't getting enough food because I wasn't eating anything besides crackers and popsicles but alas, she's been kicking up a storm to let me know she's just fine in there!

Sleep: I'm really starting to have trouble in this department. Getting up to go to the bathroom 4 and 5 times every night is exhausting. Not to mention, it's getting harder and harder to lift myself out of bed to do so. And for the past few nights, when I lay down I get acid reflux so I have to literally sleep sitting up, which is not fun. I really hope this is all just a part of this food poisoning crap and that I'll be back to normal soon. (Whatever normal is these days, right?!)

Gender: Girl. Hello!?

Movement: Oh yes! The other night I swear it felt like I had an eel in my belly as she squirmed around everywhere!

Best moment this week: Definitely walking into a room covered in pink paint. (Nursery progress here.) My heart literally swells knowing that every little detail we are putting into that room will one day be enjoyed by our sweet girl and it's so much fun putting all the tiny little touches on it! Plus-I've always wanted a pink room in my house. Duh.

Also-a second best moment was finding my baby shower invitation in the mail yesterday! I feel like I've always been on the "attendee" side of baby showers for what seems like forever now so that fact that this one is for me and my little baby bear is pretty darn unreal! (Can you tell it still hasn't hit me that we're having a baby?)

Looking forward to: Working more in the nursery and helping (ok, watching) Beau put the crib and dresser together! Also...totally un-baby Howard related but my sweet nieces turn one this weekend and I am so dang excited for their birthday party!! How are these sweet angels a year old already??!

If you think they're kissable here, you should see them now! Oh my word! It really is SO neat to watch these three little ladies grow up and become little people of their own!
 Photo stolen from my sister-in-law's blog here. :)

Food cravings: After this weekend, nothing. I've literally had to force food down my piehole with the soul purpose of nourishing this baby in my belly. However, of the food I have made myself eat, that grilled cheese I had Monday night was pretty darn good. (I'll take another, please!)

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing weird this week. I'm really just happy to be able to stomach anything right about now...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Thoughts of Saturday night or the pizza that caused the events on Saturday night. Vom.com.

Labor signs: Nope. And I pray I can continue to answer the same way for at least 13 more weeks.

Symptoms: The tailbone pain is still lingering but I've found ways to manage it (aka: not sitting or standing in the same position for too long or using softer, more padded chairs when I am sitting). Also-this past week I experienced a little cramping at the very bottom of my belly. I thought for a second it might be Braxton Hicks but after talking to one of the head nurses at work, she assured me it was just everything stretching out. They haven't been back since that day, thank goodness.  Also-I'm SO hoping this is just a lingering part of all this food poisoning crap but heartburn and acid reflux have made their lovely appearance and they are welcome to leave ANY day now. Seriously-I don't know if/how I can make it with this any longer than what I've already dealt with it. While all of my other symptoms are manageable, I'm not quite sure this one is.

Workouts: Ha! I snuck in one workout last week and I may be able to sneak in one or two this week. Hopefully.

Things that suck: In case you didn't get the memo...pregnancy + food poisoning = LOTS of suck. However, if anything, it made me incredibly thankful to not have any morning sickness at the beginning of my pregnancy. My heart goes out to anyone getting sick (for any reason) while pregnant. It's definitely not a fun ride.

Things that don't suck: I've said it once and I'll say it again (& again & again & again)...being pregnant with some of your best girlfriends definitely doesn't suck and I'm SO happy to finally be able to say one of my absolute bestest friends, Ashley, and I will have the privilege of raising our babies together!!! Gah-my heart is so happy for them!!

Seriously. Talk about one beautiful baby!!

And because I can't make this stuff up...

Though she may be the biggest sassafrass with fur and four legs, she is the absolute sweetest, bestest snuggle bug in all the land. And I mean ALL THE LAND. I think I could have stayed like this forever last night!

A sleepy girl on my belly. And a sleepy girl in my belly. These are the moments I want to remember forever.


  1. I can't believe how fast it's going! Isn't it crazy!? We are due any time and I am like, "Where the heck did the time go?" Definitely not complaining though!

  2. How stinkin' cute is your pup?! She's going to be such a good big sister!

  3. You are lookin' good girl! Can't even tell you've been sick! I can't imagine having food poisoning while preggo.. That sounds like no fun! That is awesome your friend is pregnant too!! I love their announcement photo!

  4. You loook awesome, friend! glowing! And those triplets, my goodness...heart melted!

  5. You look awesome! Those triplets- Oh-emm-gee! So adorable! I love the photo idea with the birth dates- so clever!

  6. Your bump is so cute! And love the Target maternity dress! Time seems to fly until you reach about 30 weeks and then goes so slowly!

  7. Your so cute I hope I look adorable when I'm preggo! lol

  8. So glad you are feeling better, what a PAIN!! Lookin gorgeous :)

  9. Hey....I recognize your friend Ashley's dress. Don't you have the same one in another color? ;) I'm thinking that because I looked it up online at once time!

  10. So glad you are alive and back to normal my friend, and thank sweet Jesus that it didn't last as morning sickness - that's all I could think about when I saw your loo picture (I spent the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy in that position and DYING!!) And those sweet moments - precious and priceless x

  11. I've always had a problem with heartburn even prior to being pregnant so that I am use to but the indigestion on top of heartburn is NO fun. I have heard and now know it works that if you chew gum after you eat it helps with indigestion. Not sure if this is just a pregnancy thing, but I now always have gum with me :)

    My dog lays her head on my bump all the time. :) She has received a couple kicks to the head a few times, but she doesn't seem to mind. She keeps her head there hahah

  12. I can't believe you're so far along AND the triplets will be 1 year old!?!? How does that even happen!? I can't wait to see pictures of their precious party!

  13. so glad you're feeling better! you look radiant!

  14. Your bump is adorable, your nieces are the cutest, and that picture of your bestest announcing I just can't!! Love, Love, Love!!

  15. Even though I am not yet pregnant I love reading these weekly updates!! Oakley is just the cutest that is an adorable picture of her resting on your bump!! Love it!

  16. Oh my gosh I can't even imagine having food poisoning while pregnant, you poor thing!! I am so glad you're feeling better, you look fabulous! :) Also to be noted: Oakley resting on the bump is the most adorable thing, ever.

  17. I am glad you are feeling better after getting food poisoned! Bless your heart I am sure that was super ruff.. I cannot believe the triplets are a year old.. Time has flown by! I love that photo of Oakley girl on your tummy that is by far the sweetest thing ever :)


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