June 3, 2014

Nursery Progress

This weekend officially kicked off the renovation of our sweet baby girl's nursery!! While we still have quite a ways to go, with the help of just about our entire family, we made a pretty good dent in baby girl's room and it has me SO excited to finish the rest of it!

Friday night, mine and Beau's parents came over to help us tape off the room and lay down drop cloths so that we could get started first thing Saturday morning.

Marsha (Beau's mom) was the taping queen. Seriously-she is a PRO at it and I am SO thankful she was there to help with that part.

I, on the other hand, supervised and snapped as many photos as I could, trying not to miss a single detail, in between cooking dinner and taming Oakley.

What my guest bathroom turned into (and still looks like today...)

My mom and Beau's dad helped tape off the room and take down mini-blinds and also helped to entertain Oakley and Beau on the back porch while Beau grilled. Hey, it's a rough job but someone's gotta do it...

Oakie Bear, of course, just got into everything (also see: she loves eating paint brushes) and got all the kisses all weekend long. I mean, this face...how could you not?

The room all taped off and ready to go first thing Saturday morning!

And a lovely view of the guest bedroom across the hall from the nursery...my house is a mess y'all. But I'm okay with it. For now...

Beau was such a trooper all weekend long. He's usually not a big "handy guy" around the house but he's learning to be (slowly) and I think he really likes the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. He worked his butt off in the nursery all weekend long and even a little bit Monday night after he got off work. The things he's already doing for his sweet baby girl (and his uber pregnant hormonal wife...)

Aunt Brookie had ceiling duty and rocked it. Seriously...on a ladder for 4 hours with the smallest brush...I told her to send any chiropractor bills our way...My brother also helped with the ceiling but why I have zero pictures of him is beyond me?!

Uncle John seemed to be having a grand old time as he slathered the top half of the walls in pink paint!

I tried to stay out of the room as much as possible to avoid inhaling the fumes but I popped in a few too many times and grabbed a prop for a quick photo op. If I could have painted, I swear I would have started on that room a week ago! In the meantime, my Aunt Mary and I ran around town getting more paint, paintbrushes and picking up lunch. You know...the important stuff.

Oakley girl, on the other hand, took her job of supervising pretty seriously.

I thought I was excited about the nursery before we started on it but by the end of the day when I realized that all that needs to be done is ceiling touch-ups and hanging chair railing before we move the furniture in, I am chomping at the bit to get it done!! There's a crib in my house! I repeat...there's a precious precious baby crib in my house!! :)

And if you're wondering what my Saturday night looked like...

Oh ya...yours truly was hit with food poisoning around 11pm and I swear it's still lingering today. Food poisoning always takes a toll on your body but I had no idea it could take this kind of toll on my body while pregnant. Exhaustion, food adversions, queasy stomach...the whole enchilada. (Enchiladas...gag me now.)

I haven't had coffee in over 3 days, if that tells you anything. (Those who know me well know I do not go without my morning cup of coffee...)

So...it's back to resting and drinking fluids for this girl. I'm hoping I have the energy to take this week's bump date picture but just in case it doesn't make its appearance tomorrow, rest assured I will have it up at some point this week!

Last but not least...a huge Texas-sized shout out and hug to my sweet, patient husband for not only working his butt off in the nursery all weekend but taking care of little ol' me all night Saturday and all day Sunday. And not to mention, for dealing with my normal impatient but not-so-normal pregnant and hormonal self that completely flew off the handle last night for what seemed like a really good reason but looking back, it was really dumb.

Seriously-I just don't know what I'd do without that guy.


  1. Y'all got a lot accomplished! Yay! for family stepping in to help!

  2. That nursery is going to look absolutely adorable! And what a sweet hubby you have to help with it all and take care of you! I hope you're feeling better soon!!! Food poisoning is no fun . . . but I can't even imagine having it while pregnant! rest up!

  3. Nursery is looking good, and I love the colour pink! Hope you are feeling better sweet mama x

  4. That Oakley has such a cute personality! Haha! The nursery is looking good. Love the baby pink!

  5. Oh em gee. I've got food poisoning right now too! Ugh no bueno. But on a lighter note, I can't even handle how adorable your preggo self is.

  6. I can't wait to see it finished, it looks great! I've always wanted to ask you, what color is the paint that is used throughout your house? It is the perfect shade of light beige that I am looking for but can't seem to find! Hopefully you see this ;)

  7. It's looking GREAT! I can't believe you got Food Poisoning - that's the worst! Hope you're feeling better.

    I'm a tad jealous for all the help you guys have. Jason and I spent the entire weekend sanding our dresser/changing table (imagine me with a big ol' face mask on) and would have loved extra hands! We have to start the staining of it tonight! EEEK. things are getting so real!

  8. Whoops, one more thing. WHERE are those white shorts from? Bailey destroyed my new maternity ones and I'm not having any luck finding a replacement. Do tell!

  9. It's looking great! What a pretty pink color. I can't wait to see the final product!!


  10. You look fabulous!! And that nursery has some really beautiful natural light - it's going to be stunning. Can't wait to seen the finished product!

  11. EEkkk!! Cannot wait to see the finished product!! That pink is absolutely precious!!!

  12. Awe such pretty little start to her room.. Food poisoning is no fun.. I had a light case of it the other day and NO BUENO..

  13. Great start! Our downstairs is being painted right now but once they're finished, I think we might have them come back to paint the nursery and some stuff upstairs in a couple of weeks :)

  14. That's awesome that family is there to help :) Can't wait to see pictures of the final product! I hope you feel better soon. Food poisoning is not good!

    <3 Ash

  15. my house is also a crazy disaster with so many paint objects everywhere, with dressers and hampers in weird places too.

  16. I have the same monogrammed bathroom towels! And you are so adorable with your baby bump...I love all of your outfits! You are rockin' the bump! :)

  17. I am loving it so far :) I cannot wait to see the finished room.. I am sure her room will look adorable!

  18. Love this! What brand and color of pink did you use? My BFF just found out she's having a girl and is trying to pick out a paint color. :)


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