June 16, 2014

Father's Day Firsts

Hello hello! Happy Monday! #not

I know I say this every time but can we just roll back to the weekend already? I really prefer the days where alarm clocks and emails are replaced with donuts and sleeping in. (Duh. Who doesn't?)

Hi. I love you.

Friday night, Beau and I finally got a chance to go see Neighbors. We both agreed it was funny, but nothing to write home about and it's a movie we probably would never watch again. Beau, being a retired frat boy, also saw it as a huge reality check lol...

Saturday, we spent the day doing stuff around the house and running errands. That night, we had my 10 year high school reunion and want to hear the most shocking news of the century? I didn't take a single picture. Not a one. I don't know what happened but it honestly never ever crossed my mind to whip out the ol' iPhone and snap a gazillion photos. Meh, oh well. 

Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early, loaded Oakley up in the truck and went to get Beau coffee and donuts. (Ok, so I really wanted them, too.) I know it wasn't his "first real" Father's Day but I kinda feel like it was and wanted to recognize it because, well, A) he flew me here for my first "technical" Mother's Day and B) I love any excuse to go buy him stuff...whether he wants it or not.

Plus, I think he's pretty darn proud of this baby girl he's helped make... ;) 
Thank you, Erica, for the most fitting shirt ever! 
(You can find one similar here.)

Also see, I can't just throw all his gifts in a bag and be done with it. Nope. Everything has to be individually wrapped and themed because, well, why not make it more difficult when you're wrapping presents at 7am on Sunday morning? 

No but really, I had a lot of fun with his gifts and because I searched HIGH AND LOW on Pinterest for "Father's Day gifts for expectant fathers" and found nothing, I wanted to share this with you just in case any of you (next year) are looking for a fun Father's Day gift for your "expectant father". 

Coors Light Summer Brew...I don't know who wants this more right now: him or I.

I couldn't pass up on this burp cloth when I saw it so I paired it with a car wash gift certificate. :) 

And a Starbucks gift card because it's inevitable that he ends up there every. single. morning so I thought I'd donate to the cause... 

And because I LOVE me a well-dressed business man...a new pair of slacks and a gingham button-up. :)

We have our 28-week appointment later this afternoon and I am so so excited!!! I'm crossing my fingers there's no bloodwork to be done but that an ultrasound is involved because I NEED to see this baby girl again!! Month numbero siete starts today! Unbelievable, y'all. I can't believe there are only 12 weeks left! 

I hope you had a great weekend and the men in your lives had a wonderful Father's Day! If this picture doesn't absolutely make your Monday, I don't know what will... 


  1. You're a good little momma! ;)
    Also....I'll have you know...after seeing that donut picture? I wanted a chocolate donut all day. I might have had one too ;)

  2. You are so creative! And nothing wrong with not taking pictures...means you were completely enjoying the night :) Those are the nights worth remembering!

  3. These gifts are great! And LOVE his shirt!

  4. Love the gift ideas for Beau & love his shirt too!! Too stinkin cute!! (I'm sure he will love that I called it "cute"! LOL!)

  5. Such cute first father's day ideas!! I remember reading your announcement post about a week or two before finding out I was pregnant too! It's starting to fly by! I haven't found out gender yet, in Canada they make you wait till after 20 weeks. I'm dying to know!

  6. that gift idea is sooooo cute!!!! girl, you are so creative i love it!!! :)

  7. Love all of those gifts! I'm the same way and I like to wrap everything individually so that it draws out the gifting process.

  8. You are way too stinkin adorable- love all of the gifts BUT the shirt seriously almost had be in stitches laughing... love it.

  9. I'll have to surely keep these in mind for future reference! Seems like y'all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday!

  10. Your father's day gift was precious! I know he was thrilled.. And that shirt was hilarious! :)

  11. What an adorable idea, I love all of your cute little notes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. This is the cutest Father's Day gift ever - and as for the triplets… I have no words! x

  13. what awesome and thoughtful ideas for a pre-fathers day gift!

  14. I love the gift ideas! This was my husband's first Fathers Day as well (we're expecting in the next few weeks) and I was definitely an under-achiever compared to you! Well done :-)

  15. That last photo is absolutely the BEST!!!!
    Glad you all had a nice weekend. Those were some pretty awesome gifts you got him :)


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