June 10, 2014

Maternity Wear {The Staples}

When I first started "showing", I was really not looking forward to maternity clothes. They were all so frumpy and non-figure flattering and honestly, made me look and feel so not confident in myself. Like-I dreaded getting dressed every. single. day. because I didn't know what I had to wear that would fit and I knew all the maternity clothes at the store made me look like I was wearing an oversized trash bag.

That is...until I found the right maternity clothes.

Now I know every body type and person is different but of all the girlfriends I have pregnant right now, we have all agreed that Gap, Old Navy & Target has got it goin' ON when it comes to maternity clothes!

Side note: One thing I quickly learned is that one would have to sell their home to fill their entire closet with 9 months of maternity clothes. It's one of those things where the retail industry knows you have to buy it so they jack up the price and they never put the stuff on sale. Well-every other retailer except for Gap, Target & Old Navy. Maybe they're late to the party on that scheme but hey, I'll take advantage in the meantime.

Once you find the right maternity clothes to fit your body (& your budget), you've just welcomed the softest line of clothing you will probably ever wear on your body.

I should also note that I've quickly found out that the whole "full panel" thing is not for me. Besides the fact of me knowing what it looks like underneath my shirt, I feel like I'm wearing panty hose up to my boobs and it is less than cayuute...

I've really tried to keep my maternity clothes to a minimum because, well, you only wear them for a few months and then they get packed away until the next bambino decides to come along. Plus, like I said, it can get really expensive really fast.

Sooo...because pregnancy seems to be contagious these days (no really...I have 8 friends and a cousin... ALL pregnant right now, too!), I thought I'd go ahead and put together a quick list of my maternity clothes staples. You know...the stuff I wear day in and day out and could not survive without.

1. Tube Top Maxi from Old Navy: So soft. So long. I could literally LIVE in this dress!! Love love love love love.

2. The Favorite Tank from Target: I've been buying these (non-maternity) tanks for years to wear under my work suits and to no surprise, they've made the best maternity tops, too! They come in so many colors and are like $9 each so you really can't go wrong. Plus, they're not that clingy, ribbed type of wife-beater tank top...they actually look decent.

3. Fold Over Maxi Skirt: You can find these anywhere but Target seems to be my go-to for maxi skirts because they are all long enough for me. I really prefer the ones that fold over because it means I can lengthen the skirt if I need to, but to each his own.

4. The Favorite V-Neck from Target: Another (non-maternity) staple I've been buying for years to wear under my work suits. They come in a ton of different colors and are so lightweight. Like the tanks, they're super cheap and look really cute with anything.

5. Under Belly Cuffed Shorts from A Pea In The Pod: OH MY GOSH. I honestly don't know where I'd be without these shorts. The second I put these on, I immediately bought them in navy, khaki and black. Because they have an elastic waistband (not any type of panel), they could easily be worn after baby and no one would ever know they're maternity. These were the most expensive maternity item I bought and I don't regret it one bit. Best maternity purchase I've made...hands down!

6. Fitted Short Sleeve Black Dress from Target: I just bought this baby a couple of weeks ago and am kicking myself for not buying it sooner! It is the perfect length for work and looks so classy even though it's just cotton! Not to mention-it is incredibly comfy! I'm wearing it in this pic, if you want to reference the length.

7. Maddie Jean Shorts from The Gap: These are probably my second favorite maternity purchase. They are always dirty because I wear them so much! They don't have the unattractive panel and are a great length (not too short, not too long). I have them on in this post in case you want to see what they look like on me.

8. All Over Lace Panty from Victoria's Secret: I've always worn these panties but when I started "growing" I invested in literally ten more pair. They're perfect because they grow with you, so you don't have to waste money on maternity panties. Plus-it's one little thing that I mentally tell myself is remotely sexy about my wardrobe at this point. ;) (PS-did someone say "SEMI ANNUAL SALE"??!!)

9. Striped Cross Front Dress from Old Navy:  This is a more recent find that I am LOVING because it's so versatile. I've worn it with flip flops to a crawfish boil, as a swimsuit cover at the beach and even...as a nighty. :) It comes in a few different colors and it's only a matter of time before I go back to buy the rest of the collection!

With only 13 weeks to go (holy WHOA!), I'm hoping I can get away without buying anymore maternity clothes, though sometimes, my eyes begin to wander and items magically appear in my cart. It's weird.

What? That doesn't happen to you?


  1. Totally happens to me ;)
    I have had my eye on those Gap shorts (since I need some more) but they're out of my size! My only comfy pair right now are from Target and they are only available in one color, of course. I think I'm going to have to check out that black Target dress :)

  2. These are all so awesome! You have been rockin' that baby bump in the best outfits so I will be referencing this in the future ;) Can't wait until I get to shop for maternity pieces. So fun!

  3. YES! Target, Old Navy and Gap are definitely the maternity clothes winners! :) Your staples look a lot like mine. HAHAHA

  4. I got all my preggo/ maternity essentials from Target. The prices are so good that you can buy multiples in lots of different colors, so you have options! I live in the V-neck shirts and maxi dresses that are non-maternity, but just work so well.

  5. I'm so glad you wrote this! I am 15 weeks and I know that I am going to need some maternity clothes shortly but still want to look stylish. I love Target and Old Navy so knowing that they have great maternity options will make the transition easier.

  6. I just got some maternity dresses from Old Navy. I'm all about the comfort and style right now! I can still wear some of my normal cotton dresses and maxi dresses, which is nice. And I'm all about the fold over maxi skirt and tank too!

  7. All such good options for pregnancy wear!! Who says you can't/shouldn't look cute while pregnant!?

  8. I'm so glad you posted this! I'm starting to show and am really struggling finding non "frumpy" clothes for work! I will have to check out Old Navy, Target, and Gap! Thanks!

  9. This is a great list! I just bought that dress from Target and it's super cute! :)

  10. Target also has the cutest swimsuits for preggo ladies! I live in my maternity tank tops. They are the best! Great list! :D

  11. My new dress turned out to be a little see through on the back, but I don't mind because it is flattering and fits me perfectly. It is a soft fabric which feels so nice next to my skin.
    Brandy Melville

  12. You think YOUR maternity options are bad - try being pregnant in South Africa!!! Our maternity wear is disgusting and almost non-existent! All my maternity clothes were bought online at Asos. Otherwise I just bought longer tops and bigger sizes x

  13. I should also note that I've quickly found out that the whole "full panel" thing is not for me. Besides the fact of me knowing what it looks like underneath my shirt, I feel like I'm wearing panty hose up to my boobs and it is less than cayuute... Affordable Maternity Clothes

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