July 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday?

I know it's technically not Wednesday but since this is my blog, I would like to think it's Wednesday so I can give you an update of wedding plans!

The latest:

  • I have completely changed the idea of what I would like to do for my centerpieces. Pics to come later...maybe...
  • We finally took our professional engagement pictures this past Sunday!! It was rediculously hot and I sweated my butt off but that's nothing the photographer can't take care of. Our photographer said he should have them to me by the end of this week. You can bet your sweet butt I have been checking my email every 30 seconds frantically hoping his name comes through!! Pics to come later...DEFINITELY!
  • We meet with florist #3 tomorrow so hopefully I can narrow down my decision as of which florist to go with.
  • We also have a meeting to go look at a potential rehearsal dinner site tomorrow as well.
  • Beau's Aunt Becky has so graciously offered to host our first shower!! It's a couples shower in early October so we have been busy getting that guest list together for her.
Thoughts & Feelings so far:
  • Ants in my pants until I see our engagement pics.
  • Anxious for my dress to come in. September can't get here soon enough!
  • Teary eyed every time I think of walking down the aisle and seeing my oh-so-handsome groom!
  • Excited for the cruise and honeymoon. Who wouldn't be?
  • Patience is being put to the test...I'm an instant gratification kind of girl
  • Hopeful that my hair will grow 4 inches by next April so I don't have to get extensions.

Not too terribly much going on...just loose ends here and there! I guess that's how it goes! Beau and I are having a great time figuring it all out, which is, ultimately, what matters the most! (By "great time", I mean Beau has a "great time" dealing with the budget and I have a "great time" spending it!)

I cannot wait to spend forever with the most kind-hearted, patient, charming man I will ever know. (Love you bug!)


  1. EXCITING!! I can't wait to see the engagement pictures!

  2. you can take Biotin to help your hair grow, its a pretty basic vitamin. it will make your nails pretty too! :)

  3. Oooh what an exciting post! I bet you are so anxious for everything to just start falling into place and it sounds to me like they already are!! I would be checking my email every 5 minutes too for my engagement pics! Don't forget to post them!!!

  4. OMG if only Jacquelyn knew... you are the VITAMIN QUEEN!!! LOL I love this post and YOU and am SUPER EXCITED for the cruise and the couples shower! You know Ill drag a random in!!! LOVE YOU! and I better be invited!

    Pic will be adorable because you and Beau are the most photogentic two lovebugs on this precious planet...YA YA YA!!!!!

    K BYE

  5. I LOVE your wedding posts! :) Your so cute. It sounds like you've really got your shiz together! I can't wait to see the engagement pics!!!!

  6. WOW wow wow wow WOW. Is this cruise with friends?? Can Kristen bring me?? I so want to be there! You are precious. XOXO


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