September 6, 2010

Weekend Recap; Round 1:Babies/Football

We started off our long, much needed weekend with a trip out to see the newest addition to Meagen and Andy's family...Riliegh! She was born August 29, 2010 and is the cutest, tiniest little cuddle bug ever!! (Well-she was swaddled pretty tightly so she didn't have a choice but to be cuddly!)

For the record, this was Beau's FIRST time holding a baby! He's totally a natural! ((just sayin'...)
Whoever invented the "boppy"--GENIUS!
Practice makes perfect! ;)
Little Riliegh June. Isn't she just precious!?
My hand looks ginormous compared to her!

Saturday was the kickoff of college football!! I swear-we woke up watching the UT vs. Rice game, ate lunch while watching the Michigan game, and then went out to watch our home team, THE Houston Cougars, kick some Texas State bootay! This game really made me realize how much I LOVE tailgating football season! We got to see SO many old friends and enjoyed tailgating maybe a little too much so all around, it was a good time! The game was a blowout (DUH!) but this time, we were the one's doing all the butt kicking! I don't remember the final score (hmm...wonder why?!) but I know it was a lot to a little with the Coogs taking home a "W"!

Me & My Beau <3 href=""> Nicole & Me
The Brights! <3
This pic brings back SO many memories of college!
"I'm a Sigma Nu and I'm better than you. Plus you're gay so SHUT UP!"
Classy...I know. So what?!
This was one of those "Hey babe, take a picture with me so I can see how my hair's looking..." pics...
Oh how I missed J.R.!
Lorin, Nicole & Ashley
Yes, that's Cougar Red Beer! ;)
Beau's Sigma Nu Family
Beau, Ashley (Beau's lil sis), Taylor (Beau's twin), James (Grandpa)
So excited for the next game! :) This coming Friday! Expect many, many football pics this season!
Weekend Recap; Round 2:Ashley's birthday shananigans will be posted tomorrow...


  1. Someone looks like a natural with that baby!! Someone as in YOU & Beau!!

    I still cant believe Andy has a baby!! She looks presh!

    Im SO sad I missed the game! Glad you had fun!! I better see you this week! Love you bear!


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