October 20, 2010

Guestbook Bandit + Private Dance!

It's that time of the week!!

First of all, I would like to post a picture of our guest book we had sitting out at our most recent shower (well, our only shower but who's counting?!). Anyways,I looked at it for the first time this past weekend and realized this:

Yes-that last line reads "Old Shot Gun Kelly". Neither Beau, nor myself, know anyone by the name of "Old Shot Gun Kelly" but apparently, she was there! Hmm...this may or may not be the alcohol talking from that night but hey, that's funny...I don't care who you are! ((I'm just wondering if they plan on signing our Wedding guest book the same way?!))

Ok-onto my next topic...

Thanks to theknot.com (p.s.-LOVE that website), Beau and I are incorporating a "Private Dance" into our wedding.

I'm super excited about it because it's soooo incredibly sweet/romantic/special PLUS we get to pick out yet another sentimental song!

So, I'm guessing you're just dying to know what it is?

Basically at the very end of the reception, when all the guests are gathering outside with their bubbles, sparklers, flower petals, etc...the bride and groom remain on the dance floor for one last dance. By themselves. No parents. No wedding party. Just the two of them...as husband and wife!

Is that not THE sweetest thing ever?! It gives me chills evvvverytime I think about it! It just makes sense. I mean, we will have our first dance to our all time favorite George Strait song (and no, I'm not revealing what it is just yet!) but I mean, how are we supposed to follow up with a sentimental dance after all the hoopla that's going to take place right before (thanks to our rowdy wedding party and their grand entrance)?!

I think it will be so sweet and just what we need to top the night off before heading back to the honeymoon cabin! ;) Ha...me...neverrr.... And yes, we have a honeymoon log cabin reserved for us the night of the wedding!

Have you ever known anyone to do this? What'd they think? What do you think?! Oh and if you happen to run into our "guestbook bandit" send him/her my way...we have some serious talking to do!


  1. Oh nmy goodness I absolutely love this idea. Sounds like pure perfection

  2. I swear I didnt write that!! ha! you know you wondered!

  3. Cute idea! That is so romantic and a great way for you and the hub to have a super special moment JUST THE TWO OF YOU!

  4. I haven't heard of a private dance before...but it is SO cute! Love that idea!

  5. I love the idea of a private dance! I had actually never heard of it before... but I absolutely love it!!!

  6. A private dance between the bride and groom is becoming VERY popular. It's a wonderful idea to have something like that at the end of your special day to remember it from beginning to end.

  7. I looked for Kristen's comment because I was totally going to put her on blast and say it was totally her!! Hahaha!

  8. aww a private dance is such a good idea, i wish i would have heard of that before our wedding. what a sweet memory that will be!


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