October 11, 2010


If you haven't noticed, I get bored quickly and change my layout like I change my panties...I kid! ...I change my undies more often than every 6 months. I did my best...all the thanks in the world to Templates by Tenille, who, by the way, has some really cute blog designs! She offers custom blog design or premade designs and even free ones!! I LOVE my blog but hey, I'm planning a wedding here and could use every penny I have towards that rather than a blog design so I took advantage of her free backgrounds and attempted to design my own banner! It's not super fancy schmancy since I don't have the fancy schmancy art program but I love it and the pink and zebra is me to a "tee"! I mean, if it had rhinestones and/or feathers I may or may not love it that much more!I'm just gonna throw this out there...if any of you would like to take a stab at making me a better banner, I'm all for it! (just sayin'...)

Oh yea, and I figured out how to add pages! Ha...I am so behind in this bloggy world but let's just say I have enough to do already!

So what do ya think?! Any suggestions?!


  1. Looks great! I am all about zebra print right now! In fact, I have a zebra shower curtain in our bathroom!

  2. Cool - erm how DO you add pages to the top?? LOL


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