October 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

The little things...

I'm an instant gratification kind of person which would explain why I have never been an online shopper. UNTIL, I found out about Etsy.com not too long ago. Well, I've known about it for a while but I've never really, seriously gone on there to shop. Oh. Em. Gee. Cutest stuff EVER! I randomly had the idea in my head to search for garters on Etsy and came across, ohhhhh, 167 pages of them. I then narrowed my search to the keywords: hot pink, black, zebra, and garter and came across this piece of fantastic-ness!
All thanks to Bella Princess Bridal!! ((Seriously....Check. Her. Out.)) As if it's not cute enough. it was only $17 + shipping!! For an original, handmade garter that I would never find elsewhere, I consider that a STEAL!!

Not only am I an instant gratification kinda girl, I am also a bargain shopper. I will buy something, keep the tags on it, see if I can find it somewhere else for cheaper and if so, I'll return the original purchase. I do this ALL the time! It doesn't matter if it costs $5 or $500...if I can get it cheaper...I will! My point in all this is saying that veils are overpriced. $300 for a stinkin' piece of tool with fake crystals on it?? Puh-lease. No thanks. That's what they tried to sucker me into buying at my bridal salon. Some things you can't be cheap on...your dress, your hair, your make up and your photographer to name a few. But a veil is a veil is a veil. I found the EXACT same veil for $38 on Harwin...((aka Chinatown for all you non-Houstonians!)) It's probably the first thing we've been under budget on so far...FINALLY!! Not only do veils cost an arm and a leg...they take 12 weeks to come in after you order it!! Seriously?? I could glue crystals onto a piece of tool with my teeth and blindfolded and it would be done sooner than 12 weeks! (yes-I'm that talented...)

Although Beau already snuck a peak at my veil, I don't want to post pics of it because I know he will soon forget what it looks like and if I put it on my blog he could possibly resort back to it. (Little blog sneaker!) It's, well, a piece of tool (2 layers to be exact), a little longer than elbow length (sorry don't know the correct "bridal" term for veils), has a bridal bump and crystals scattered all over it and the fact that I SAVED us an arm (and possibly a leg) makes it just FABULOUS!

On to my next wedding subject...

You saw pics from our first shower this past Saturday-if not, refer to this post! It was just wonderful...from the decorations, to the food, to the guests...everyone seemed (or at least acted) like they had a great time!! We are so blessed to have received so many great gifts-including our barbecue pit! Beau is just stoked! We also received half of our formal dining set, lots of goodies for the kitchen, and even some tools and our sheets! We've never had a shower before (duh-we've never been married OR had kids so of course we haven't had a shower before) so we thought it would be a little awkward opening gifts in front of a ton of people but surprisingly enough, there was no awkwardness! Things might have been a little different had we gotten some odd gifts... Anyway-I'm way ahead of things so I had our thank you notes mailed out by Monday...go me! I've written thank you notes before, like graduation thank you's, but nothing to the extent of what I wrote all day Sunday. It's difficult to make each one personal and not so generic but I crunched them all out in no time...no thanks to Beau! ((He snoozed and watched football.))

Anyways, as for now we are trying to wrap up the details for the rehearsal dinner and shopping around for wedding bands...as simple as Beau is he sure is picky when it comes to his ring! This is my personal fave so far but he's not so ecstatic about it...what do y'all think??
It has a rustic feel to it, which is why I just love it. Plus, it's by the same designer (Scott Kay) as my ring so it has a little bit of a deeper meaning. We both really like crosses but apparently he doesn't want them on his finger for the rest of his life. (I keep sending him pictures of it hoping it will change his mind. So far...I've failed to do so!) Beau has already warned me that he's going to lose it, so whatever we decide on obviously I need to buy a case of replacements. The child man loses everything so this does not surprise me AT ALL!

Anywho, I'll quit my babbling now. I think the reason I rambled on and on today is because of that damn 10 day challenge that limited me to what I got to write about. Although it was fun reading every else's challenge, count me out for the next one! XOXO


  1. Love the etsy find I've searched on there for that too! I make customized sashes! I just finished an order for a Bride to Be sash! Love it!

  2. I HATE THAT RING!!! NO MAAM!! it looks like 14 yr old boy jewelry!

  3. Thanks Kristen glad to see I have someone on my side. I like rings like this one.


  4. For the record, Kristen, the crosses are much more prominent oin the pic than they are in real life so it looks 1000 times better in person

    ...and PS Beau...that ring on Amazon.com is only $30...really??

  5. I'm so glad you found your veil on Harwin!! I LOVE Harwin and am excited that it still rocks!! I haven't been in a while...

    As for the ring.... no. I know you love it, but it looks so cheap even if it is by Scott Kay! I know Alex wouldn't like it either. So Kristen, I agree with you!! Sorry dear! :o( I still love you though!!


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