October 1, 2010

3 more days of this...

I thought I would like this little challenge however, I've figured out I like to write about what I want to write about...not what's chosen for me. Sooo...it's day 8, which means I'm supposed to list 3 turn ons.

1. Positive attitude
  • No one likes a Debbie downer.
2. Good smile
  • Ugh-I just love good teeth and a pretty smile! It's always the first thing I notice on anyone! Check out this guy's...not that I'm biased or anything! ;)

3. Sense of humor
  • You can't get around in this world by taking things so seriously. Let loose! Crack a smile! Life is far too short to not enjoy every second!
On that note-have a great weekend! Our first shower is this weekend so expect pics!! :)

1 comment:

  1. I know, I was getting tired of the 10-day thing so I started doing 2 days in 1 post to get throuh it faster. LOL

    Yaay! Enjoy your shower. It's so much fun!!


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