October 12, 2010

Holy sHELLac!

This has been on for a good 12 days and looks like it was done yesterday.

(And no..it's not coincidence that this is of my left hand, ladies. It took me (& my fiance) 5 friggin' years to get this beauty on my ring finger and I'm damn proud of it AND him!)

...but that's besides the point...

If you've never heard of shellac, do yourself a favor: call your local nail salon, make an appointment and get it done. If you have heard of it, sorry but you're going to hear about it all over again because I have found myself asking, once again, "Why didn't I think of this?!?"

I've never been a huge manicure person because my nails are thin and it always peels off the next day but oh em gee is this stuff fabulous! I only paid $25 for a shellac mani and it was seriously the best $25 I've ever spent. (Well maybe...if you exclude all the bottles of vodka I've purchased...) Oh, sorry-anyways, it is guaranteed to last 14 days and they are not kidding! As you see...I'm almost to the expiration date and they are still shiny, no chips or cracks and no signs of it coming off any time soon! I HIGHLY recommend it! (Watch out though...some salons in town try to charge $45-$60 for a shellac mani. Ya...um, no thanks.)

Not only does it stay on for 2 weeks plus, it is completely hardened and dry by the time you leave the salon! Like, dig to the bottom of your purse, pull your credit card out of your wallet, find your keys kinda hard.

The only downfall to the shellac is that it only comes in limited colors...your typical reds and pinks. They don't have any of the fun fall/dark colors just yet, and no blues or purples, but I intend they will soon come out with more since this stuff is simply fantastic. (Not to mention, the salon here has wine...sigh...)

From one girl to another...shellac is where it's at!


  1. Love the left hand girl wear that bad boy loud and proud I know I will whenever my day comes..

    I've heard about this and I really need to call the salons around here too!! My manicure was about 2 weeks ago and I took the polish off on day 7.

  2. You have answered my prayers! I have been looking for the best polish in town and this sounds like it! I have been toying with the idea of getting gel nails but ive been letting my real nails grow out and i dont want to destroy them all over again!

  3. I got it for my wedding...which was almost 3 weeks ago...and its still going strong!!!


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