October 25, 2010

Happy 84th Birthday!

To Kadie!

It's October 25, 2010 and Kadie is 12! Well, 84 in dog years...and that's old in my book!

Kadie is a miniature schnauzer, and by miniature I am not kidding! She was, by far, the runt of the litter as she has always been so much smaller than any other schnauzer I have ever met.

Kadie was our first dog we got as a family. We had dogs when I was a baby but none that I can remember so Kadie has been a pretty special dog in my life.

Kadie was waiting for us under the Christmas tree one Christmas eve. She was thee teeniest-tiniest little thing and was a huge surprise! My aunt Mary and Uncle John arrived at our house before we did to surprise us with our lil puppers and were we ever so thrilled! She had on the smallest little red sweater, which we still have to this day, and which never fit Tini (even though Tini is supposed to be a chihuahua). I carried her everywhere with me...so much that my mom thought Kadie would never learn to walk on her own. ((Imagine that?!))

Kadie has been the best dog. No kidding. She minds like no tomorrow unlike someone I know, ahem...Tini. She entertains herself and is pretty low maintenance. She has always loved kids, other dogs, and especially, her sisters: Roxy and Tini and her cousins: Sadie, Gretta (R.I.P.), Chewy and Chloe. She is just the sweetest, kind-hearted dog and although she's old, has a snaggle tooth and a pungent smell to her these days, I still love her more than ever!

Happy birthday Kadie Bug!

This is what it looks like when my aunt comes to town...lol...I still can't believe we got them to line up like this. I can imagine there were treats involved...
From left to right: Roxy, Tini, Chewy, Gretta, Sadie and Kadie
(Kadie, Roxy and Tini are our's)
(Chewy, Gretta and Sadie are my aunt's)

Kadie & Roxy-Sisters!
Me, Mom & Chris with Kadie and Roxy
(Old school pic...that was pre-college, pre-nose job, and when I had my hurr braided up for softball...classssay laday!)

If you're wondering, there was no cake involved at Kadie's birthday hoopla as she has a "sensitive" digestive system. (Whatever that means?) Anyways-she enjoyed baby carrots and strawberries with her sisters and a relaxing night of Monday Night Football!


  1. LOVE this post because you know I am a dog lover! :) Kadie is precccious! She IS teeny!!!
    Happy Birthday Kadie!!

  2. Awww I love mini schnauzers!! I just really love all tiny dogs! happy birthday to Kadie!!

  3. Aww! Happy birthday Kadie! :)


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