October 27, 2010

Look ma, no bands!

So I know it's "traditional" (blah, blah, blah) to receive a wedding band on your wedding day. Typically, one that matches your engagement ring...

But I'm not traditional.
aren't traditional.
I'm wearing cowboy boots under my wedding dress.
We are getting married at a gazebo, not a church.
I don't want roses, or peonies or lillies in my bouquet.
We are exiting our ceremony to Taylor Swift's "Love Story".
...this is just me.
This is us.

I've gone back and forth between deciding if I want a band or not so this weekend I tried on the matching band to my engagement ring. Yes, the band was gorgeous and matched my ring to a "tee" but my engagement ring is simply gorgeous all by itself. Once I put the band on, all the beauty of my engagement ring disappeared.

I called Beau and informed him of my dilemma. He concurred that if I truly didn't love the idea of a wedding band, then I didn't have to get one.

I know, they're convenient for traveling because you can leave your "real" ring at home and just wear the band but in all honestly, when I'm married, I want to wear some bling.
A rock.

So there. No band!
Is it not just beautiful all by itself?!
Sorry-I know...no one likes a bragger but I'm pretty darn proud of Beau remembering the exact ring I tried on and fell in love with picking this beauty out for me! :)

Are any of you girls wedding band-less or considering going band-less??


  1. Funny, I'm exactly the opposite. I wore my e-ring every single day while we were engaged but I couldn't wait till the wedding was over because I like to ONLY wear the band! LOL I'll wear them both on special occasions sometimes, but that's about it.

  2. Is your ring Scott Kay? It looks very similar to mine... :) Gorgeous.

  3. I thought the same thing when I went through this! But I did end up opting for the band because I liked the ring ceremony. But do your own thing!!

  4. I am a band girl I want the whole shebang! Give me lots and lots of diamonds! I have a three band ring picked out lol.

    LOVE that your wearing cowboy boots that's so cute I wish I was a cowgirl just to do that same thing!

  5. Personally I think I will wear a band, but that's more because hopefully I will have a nursing job soon and a band is just better. My friend that is getting married in December is going bandless, before that I had never heard of it, but I think it is a cute idea! It really showcases your ring!

  6. Do WHATEVER makes you happy on YOUR wedding day (AND YOUR MAN'S!) haha My girlfriend just got married they: got married outside in a gorgeous pavillion, the fall colors were amazing - so they didnt need flowers - didn't have any flowers (but our bouquets and the brides!) They didn't want to do a first dance so the bride just danced with her dad (groom is EXTREMELY BACKWARD) they didn't do a garter/bouquet toss....it was different, BUT it was ONE Of thee most beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of and was an AMAZIING reception.........it was SO THEM.

    I am personally jealous - I want to start wedding planning!!! hahaha

  7. I dont want a band.. One comes with my set and Ill wear it with my "bling" but I am not really just a band fan. It is way too bland and I have absolutely no bland bones in my body so I get what you are saying, and support it 100% you go girl! :)


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