November 15, 2010

Better late than never...right?

If you forgot about the Camera Hog, refer to this post and you'll understand why these are just now being posted...

Allie & Matt's Wedding in the Texas Hill Country
Simply. Stunning.

Y'all...she walked down the aisle to the music of "You are my sunshine" and her only flowers for the entire wedding/reception were the bouquets which were made out of thistle. L.O.V.E.

Rehearsal Dinner site: Winery in Dripping Springs, TX
Cutest "cocktail tables" everrr

As for the rest of these pics, I'm not sure why they look cloudy. Perhaps it's because our poor little camera is used too 100% humidity and in the Hill Country there was zero!

Gorgeous view from the reception!

Rustic reception...loved every aspect of this.
p.s.-love these home grown cactus
centerpieces & tile "place mats"
So creative!

Quick shot of the bride & groom!!
Aren't they puurrrtyyy?!
Fuh-reezing our tooshies off in the 40* weather...

The night may or may not have ended with this...
oh and the infamous "Stuck Like Glue" video...
how could we forget that...
BUT WAIT! There's more...
I bring you...Halloween 2010 at Julie & Brian's! (Beau's sis & BIL)
Hey, I'm only 2 weeks late...lay off...

The cutest little "P" pumpkin I ever did see!
(Julie loves lime green!)
Case Keenum & my makeshift leopard costume!
Not too shabby if I must say so myself!
Brian was a beekeeper and Julie was a bumblebee!
SOOO Cute!
Not to mention, their lab,
Riley was dressed up as a bumblebee too!!
Me & My Lovebug
Looks like Brian's jello shot didn't go over too well...
Marion, Me & Leila
Case Keenum
Get it?! Ya...funny but not funny...
Her whiskers were so much better than mine.
Check out his ghetto-rigged Heisman necklace...
The end!

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  1. All the photos are too beautiful! and Yes I love the pumpkin with the P! I am always smiling when I view your page! Have a good night! :)


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