November 3, 2010

Hi there!

Stephanie here!

I know I said I would not be on blogger this week but I just had to take a break from studying estrogen dominance, yeast overgrowth, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue so I thought I'd stop in and say "hello!" to all my bloggy friends!

Hope you are all having a fan-freakin-tastic week! I look forward to catching up on all your musings tomorrow after 3pm!!

Until then, don't miss me too much! Kisses!


  1. Ooooh that stuff is so darn interesting to me!!!!! Are you studying that for work or school?

  2. Hey I am your newest follower!! I look forward to getting to know you!

  3. Is it ok to comment on your own blog?

    Well, I hope so because I don't know how else to respond to Same Sweet Girl's comment, but, yes...all this studying is for my work staff exam.

    It's today! At 3pm! Phew!!

    Thanks for the comment, I heart you too Kristenn and "HI!" to my new follower! :)

  4. i'm your newest follower, and have just fallen in love with your blog! i hope you enjoy your break... but i'm looking forward to you getting back, soon!


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