November 26, 2010

While you were out:

Dear Mom,

While you were off in Tennessee enjoying the Messina family reunion without us...Beau & I got into all the Christmas goodies! Well, he complained the whole time helped me get it all out of the attic but I put it all together...with little help of your son and his Franzia sipping friends...classy...


The tree is up!
Moose has on his Santa hat!
((Hot pink, of course!))
Note: mistletoe hanging from the buck on the right ;)

& the girls are loving the fire!
Come home soon! We miss you! :)


  1. cute! i love that the mounted deer heads are decorated! fun!

  2. Beautiful!! This made me laugh, cause we have animal heads all over our house, and I was thinking of hanging stuff from the antlers!! Ha ha!! Stay tuned!! ;)

  3. So pretty. And I'm endlessly jealous of the fireplace.

  4. It looks so cute!! :)

  5. This post is so cute! Your tree is gorgeous, and the pups are just adorable!!


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