November 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday-Inspiration!

Inspiration Board(s)!

These are my first inspiration boards I ever made on, which was where I resided the first 3 months of our engagement. What bride doesn't?!

The theme of our wedding is rustic with a touch of class, as you can tell, and we're a little torn between the two!

I love black and pink (um. duh.) yet, we also LOVE the rustic look...the woodsy feel, the greenery, the dry flowers, the river it all..

We've found a pretty happy medium between the two but it definitely hasn't been the easiest job trying to make hot pink and black look "rustic"...if you can imagine. I've had to get really creative, especially with the centerpieces, but I have no doubt they will turn out fabulous! (hi. have we met?!)

What is/was your inspiration for your wedding?! What is/was your favorite wedding website?

p.s. feel free to jump on in single ladies...we all know you have something in mind for your big day too!! Colors? Flowers? Cake? Dress? Hair? E-ring? Spill it!



  1. LOVE your boards!!
    This is the reason I love being a wedding planner. Every wedding is completely different and unique! is great too.

  2. Hi, new follower here!

    My boyfriend and I have been thinking about our wedding for a while...and by that I mostly mean me. I think I have too much inspiration so I'm wishing you luck.



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