November 15, 2010

List-O-Ten: Give Thanks

It's November and Thanksgiving is so close I can taste it!! ((who else is lookin' forward to the 3,426 reasons to eat everything in sight?!))

Anyhoo, I found it appropriate to post 1o things I am most thankful for. As the days go by, it's challenging to not take the little things for granted. It's hard to sit back, take a look at the big picture and realize, hey-maybe life's not so bad afterall!

I am thankful for....

1. The tiny little feet that scurry behind me everywhere I go. ((aka...this diva))
2. My loving, forgiving, and strong family who put up with my crap and still love me for the person I am. (Love you mom & Chris!)

3. Reality TV
  • Obsession Confession: I have a sad fixation with ALL of Bret Michaels' shows....Rock of Love 1, 2 AND 3 and NOW, Life as I know it. Why am I fascinated with a man who wears eyeliner? I didn't even know who Bret Michael's was before his shows. I don't even listen to rock music???
Who knows?

  • Who doesn't love 16 & Pregnant AND Teen Mom???
  • The Bachelor(ette)-DUH
  • Say Yes To The Dress (obv)
  • Ace of dream job.
4. Speaking of jobs, I am very thankful for mine, which challenges me everyday yet allows me the freedom and ability to express my deepest passions and creativity, while teaching me new things every. single. day.

5. My level-headed, non-judgmental, patient, sweet and caring fiance, Beau, who knows everything about me yet still loves me unconditionally! ((that list could go on for dayyys and this smile will never get old!))

6. The 21 years I got to spend with thee strongest, most loving man I could have ever known, my Daddy.

7. My health and my ability to wake up every morning, full of energy (most of the time), ready to take on the world with enough endurance to make it to the gym, get home, cook dinner and spend time with my mom, fiance and puppers.

8. My life experiences: softball, heartache, college years, sorority life, loss of a parent, changing jobs, best friends, buying my first car, dating, growing up, budgeting finances, paying bills, living in a down economy and now-getting married! Although it hasn't always been easy, it's been fun and I know God has his ultimate plan for me. I am right where I'm supposed to be and that's just A-okay with me!
9. Taylor and her newest addition to her bank account list of number ones, Speak Now. She's a music genius.
  • My faves: Mine, Sparks Fly, Mean, Never Grow Up, Speak Now, Long name a few-err...more like half of her newest songs.
10. This blog, all my followers and all your sweet, meaningful comments.

'Tis the season to be thankful so praise God, enjoy time with family and gobble 'til ya wobble!

What are YOU thankful for?!


  1. What a lovely list to be thankful for! I know I am excited for Thanksgiving as that excuse to eat just about anything as many times as I want because why? Because it is Thanksgiving, and I am so happy/thankful you are new reader of mine. I love reading your stuff it puts a smile on my face!


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