November 8, 2010

Well, hello there 40 degrees!

I've always been a summer time girl. always. Every summer you could find me poolside with sunglasses, hot pink toes and the latest issue of Cosmo in my slimy, tanning oil infested hands. Back in college (wow, that can really make a girl feel old) we used to skip class to go to the beach or find time between classes to go to rec center pool. I went to class many-a-time in my swimsuit. (with a cover up on, of course, for the sake of my classmate's eyes and health.)

Call me crazy but I've never been a fan of cold weather.

...until now.

I hate to say it but I think I'm transitioning into a cold weather-kinda-girl these much that I've made comparisons of Summer vs. Winter.'s very apparent that the winter pro's farrrr outweigh the con's.

Sadly my own denial...I am totally a cold weather girl!


Goodbye hammocks, sundresses & flip flops
So long ice chests, cold beer and white shorts.
WELCOME deer season, camo and beanies!
Good to see ya' coats, scarves & wreaths!
...take your shoes off. Stay a while! :)


  1. I am a total cold weather girl. In fact, some of your cons would be my pros!

  2. aw this was such a cute post! I think that I am a cold loving girl becaus the clothes and holidays are enough for me, only con is no beach but soo much more!

  3. So cute. I'm a cold weather girl for sure!

  4. I'm totally a cold weather girl. The colder the better and bring on the snow!! If I'm not on the beach it better not be above 80. Two of my girlfriends are serious hot-weather chicks. I call them Haciendas. They call me an igloo. ;)

  5. I just became to this realization as well!! Funny how things change! Fall/winter clothes are just so much more fun!

    Ps- New follower! :)


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