November 10, 2010

My lunch break.

I introduce you to this little stinker, whom a couple of co-workers and I stumbled upon on my way out for lunch.
We'll just call him "Rennie".

He was scratching at our office door and I couldn't stomach just letting him roam, seeing that we are less than 100 yards away from I-10. I opened the door to grab him and he started to run away. A co-worker and I chased him around by the gas station and finally got a hold of him by his collar. He was super sweet and just too darn cute to leave outside so we tried the number on his collar with no prevail. We called and called and called. Finally, we looked up his address, which ended up only being .3 miles away on a street called "Rennie" so we decided to walk him home. We wear suits and neither one of us was picking him up risking getting our suits all stinky so we searched high and low for a rope. I work for a Wellness Center. The closest things we have to rope are stethoscopes, IV tubes and ding, ding, ding! PHONE CORDS!
Rachelle and I made a makeshift leash out of the phone cord and trekked the .3 miles in heels, hose and black suit. Rachelle was in a rush and still had her earpiece on so I'm confident in saying that anyone that saw us thought we were part of the FBI. She looked intense.
I had this looong post about forgiveness (which will come at a later date) but I know you girls are dog lovers (as am I!) and I couldn't help but to document the entire event and show pics of little Rennie. On our way out of the backyard (yes, we just walked right on in and right on out) Rennie was poking his head out the back gate, which was his escape route the first time. Rachelle and I heaved and hoed a huge cement planter to put in the way to see that he wouldn't get out again.

So much for calling the attorney, eating, scheduling a wedding hairstyle consultation, and picking out invitations. I LOVE puppers and am partial to this little dude because just looking at his nose, I can tell he's part schnauzer, which I have two of! I'd like you all to know that Rennie is safe and sound and that gives me warm fuzzies inside! Priorities people!

What have you done on your lunch break?


  1. I ate and shopped on my lunch break! You are such a good samaritan. So glad that precious face is back at home safe and sound.

  2. You should have left them a note explaining the dogs adventure for the day ;) Too cute!! Tthank God for people like you!

  3. ha ha ha so freaking cute and sweet. I worked through lunch. bogus.

  4. You are too sweet for taking that cute pup home!
    No lunch break for me today :(

  5. SOOO sweet!! You girls definitely did your good deed for the day! Possibly week? haha He was a cutie!!

  6. what a great story! my lunchbreaks are invisible... they are just full of work!!!

  7. Awww...I would have done the exact same thing! Whenever I see a lost animal I have to help. So glad you were able to bring the little guy home!

  8. Oh my gosh, how'd I miss this event?! What is it with stray dogs and our office?! I'm glad you took him!


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