November 29, 2010

No thanks, Shutterfly.

I completely anticipated doing the Shutterfly blog post to receive 50 free Christmas cards. Beau absolutely refuses to not not send Christmas cards so I thought, hey why not get 50 free ones?! I really do love Shutterfly and all their cute photo books so there's really nothing bad I can say about them.


....what I can say is that their Christmas cards are completely overpriced.
If you haven't met me, I'm all about getting the best bang for my buck.

Enter: Sam's Club. (Thank you, Beau, for this fabulous find!)

100 Christmas cards for only fifteen smackaroos!? Seriously?!
Printed in one hour?!
No shipping??


Sorry-not the best quality picture-in-picture.
Forgive me. I was excited.

Consider this our e-Christmas card for all you fabulous followers! :)

And for all my friends and family getting Christmas cards from us this year-sorry for ruining the surprise. You know I'm an open book. Just pretend you never saw these...


  1. That is SO FABULOUS! I spent way too much money on shutterfly last year!

  2. Amazing! I love them! I did the blog post and went to purchase, and they are completely lying when they say those suckers are free.. and I didnt want 50 of the same kind! Thats boring! But I love yours! :) Have a good night!

  3. those cards are too cute! love the pictures.

  4. oh wow -- i didn't realize that sam's club had an option like this!! now i'm kind of sad i already did my shutterfly cards. oh well, there's always next year!

  5. a) THANK YOU for not posting what would be the 958,4821,3658th Shutterfly entry that appears in my Google Reader. I mean, yeah it's great to get 10 free, but who sends out only 10 cards - you're still gonna have to order more. We're sending picture free cards this year. Courtesy of the post-Christmas sale rack from last year. LOL

    b) What?! 15 bucks for 100 cards? That's awesome.

    c) super cute cards. ;)

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