November 7, 2010

Camera Hog

Beau and I bought our first major "joint" purchase earlier this year (and by no means am I referring to drug paraphernalia). By "joint" I simply mean we bought a new camera a few months back, which is "ours" not "mine" and well, is a little hard to get used to. I carry it around everywhere and he mainly takes it hunting-leaving me a camera-less, hunting widow.

My point in this is to explain my lack of photos from Halloween and once again, my lack of photos from this weekend in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We had yet another wedding to attend which was just fabulous. If you're from Texas and have never been to the Hill Country...go. RUN.

Although I don't have our camera to upload the pics (considering today is open season and Beau is somewhere in a deer blind with our camera), I did snap a video of Beau's parents, me, Beau and our friend Marion singing my latest favorite song "Stuck on You".

Here lately I have been obsessed, to say to least, with this song. I almost feel compelled to flail my arms in the air, shake my head, act completely uncoordinated and shout to the world BUTTTT before you go-a-judgin' (which I don't blame you for doing), I will prepare you all now: this was after an open bar wedding, hence the open containers in the vehicle...oopsy! (Thank you, Marsha, for being the D.D.!) We may not be professional singers, dancers or music video producers, and we may have driven the Sonic lady absolutely nuts but we were having the time of our lives. Enjoy!

  • Yes, that was Beau singing high pitched towards the end
  • Yes, FFIL and I are seriously considering dancing to this song at our wedding
  • No, this is not typically how we dance
  • No, we typically do not participate in sing-a-longs on road trips
Though parts of this video may or may not make us look like The Brady Bunch, it was too funny to not post and now you all know why I just love my soon-to-be in-laws.

Beau and I have agreed that we really need to start videoing more of our antics so I'm sure there will be more to come!


  1. Y'all are seriously too cute and funny!

  2. Hah! That's adorable. And how cool are your in-laws? I love how his Dad's 1/2 dancing in the front. LOL


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