August 23, 2011

Baby Shower: Lil' Diva Style

My first shower to co-host.
You already know the theme... :)Not sure why but those lil pink fluff balls stole my heart
Big & Lil'DZ Love <3
(sorority pose!)
Hostesses with the mostesses
(Aren't preggo bellies the cutest?!)
Can't wait to welcome baby girl Inman into this world! :)
Lotsa DZ love!

Oh-and speaking of babies...
Tell me this isn't THE most precious gender reveal...
Thanks, Pinterest, for all your clever-ness!


  1. Love your dress! You look great and it looks like the party was wonderful as well!

    xx Emily @

  2. What an adorable shower! It matches your blog! lol. Her belly IS cute and you look fab as well!

  3. That is the cutest Momma To Be ever!!! Great shower, everything looked fantastic.

  4. She looks so precious!!! Cute pics!!

    PS Im now obsessed with Pinterest because of you!!

  5. eeeeeeeee this looks adorable!!! plan my shower?

    wait. i need to be pregnant first.

    i like your dress....where is it from!!


  6. LOVE your dress and super cute shower!!

  7. What a cute shower! I saw that gender reveal photo on pinterest too....obsessed!

  8. I'm throwing a gender reveal in October. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the balloon idea! This is GREAT!

  9. I love the big and little photos! My littles and I aren't in touch :( but me and my big are.. Going to see her Friday in SF!

    I love that pin what is your name on pinterest?

  10. Such an adorable shower!! And that reveal is soo sweet! Love that!


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