August 3, 2011

Calling All Compulsive Organizers

Fact: I'm a chronic list maker.
If it's not written down, it's not gettin' done. That's all there is to it.

I can't possibly take credit for this but I just had to share it with y'all since it has been such a lifesaver lately.

I feel terrible.
I have NO idea whose blog I found this on so if you're reading this and this is yours, please, by all means, take credit for it!!

One sheet of paper to track your goals, tasks, appointments, exercise and even how much water you drink. Freaking GENIUS! I've never kept track of how much water I drink during the day but keeping up with it on this little gem really puts it into perspective. (Trust about 4 pm when I've only had 3 glasses of wate, I start chuggin' and the bathroom breaks begin to hit about every 20 minutes. One might think I were preggo. Rest assured-I am not.)'s alllll yours for the taking!

Just right click, save image as, open it in a word or publisher document, re-size it and print your little heart out! (I usually print out 5 every Monday...this way I can use them to schedule other appointments/tasks later on in the week...)

So there. For all you habitual listers out there, you're welcome! ;)


  1. I love this!! I saw it earlier on a pinterest I think and was like I really need to go back and get that. So thanks for posting so I have a daily organizer :)

  2. LOVE! I'll probably pin this right now!

  3. Amazing I love it!! Thanks!!

  4. LOVE this!

    I love your new blog design! Found your blog thru Meg! New follower :)

  5. i just pinned this yesterday, it is quite amazing!

  6. I am definitley a compulsive organizer. If I ever lost my planner and my little "to-do" note pad my life would be over.
    Love this!

  7. You are TOO cute! I love your blog descripstion of yourself!!! I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  8. I love this! I am such an organizational freak!

    Thank you so much for sharing

    printing out a few right now.

  10. awesome! cannot wait to print this out!

  11. I am an obsessive list maker! I think I have one for just about everything, which is why I will be pinning this and put it to good use. So thank you! And I've never thought about keeping track of my water intake, but with this extreme heat wave/drought in Texas it should definitely be a priority! :)

  12. great's hoping it helps me get back in routine and organized.

    loving your new look!

  13. Love the list...I printed tons to keep on my desk!


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