August 18, 2011

Holy Giveaways!

Just a gentle reminder, today is the LAST day to sign up for my giveaway! I'll be picking one lucky follower tomorrow to win a total blog makeover by the FAB Meg. O! (She designed my page, if that tells you anything!) ;)

So leave a comment on my giveaway page and go tell Meg how much you love her designs and that you may or may not give up your first born to win. Ok-not really. I know that's a leeeetle extreme but still...things like this don't come around very often! ;)

On another note, well kind of the same note, I just found Alycia's blog (Crowley Party). Not only is she adorable and hysterical but she has a giveaway going on. Not just any giveaway...can we say "$100 Sephora gift card"??!! Please & thank you. Sister could use some new makeup brushes and perfume...that's all I'm sayin'. So go enter her giveaway too. (Or don't-so then my odds of winning are better.) ;) jus' kiddin'... I share!

And because this is my blog and I can be random if I want...let's talk about the dirty girl poof I'm rockin' today!
Usually my pony sags which flattens out the poof but I think I've finally mastered it-yes?
(The secret: bobby pins right above the rubberband. Can barely see them)

One more day, girls...T.G.I.T.


  1. I love your poof pony :) fabulous!! and I saw that giveaway...would be awesome to win that!

  2. Ha! I wore a headband yesterday because I needed to get just out of my hair. :) I couldn't wait to get home and wash it last night! ha! Happy Thursday!

  3. Wow you are so pretty!!

  4. So jealous of the poof...I CANNOT successfully complete the poof for the life of me, even after trying 4023432 times. Also, those are some bomb giveaways...thanks for sharing :)

  5. YOUR HAIR!!! Please do a blog teaching us how to accomplish this. It's so CUTE!!

  6. Love the pony pouf! Thanks for the shout out again today :) :)

  7. I WISH my hair would do that!! I'm not sure if I'm hairtarded or my hair just doesn't want to be poofed...either way- I'm so sad it will never look like that :(

  8. I need to learn how to poof ponytail mine is always blah!


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