August 15, 2011

Blue vs. Pink

I'm big on celebrating the little things, which would probably explain why our friend's, Kirby & Jon, gender reveal party was THE highlight of my weekend.

The decorations were stinkin' adorable!

Top right: springs from Kirby's baby crib with pics clothespinned to it. (Genius!)
Bottom right: yes-even the pup got involved...
Everyone would know the sex once they opened the doors to the nursery...
Would the walls be pink? Or blue? (Yes-the walls of their nursery had been painted for daysss and she couldn't go in there to look at it! Could you imagine?!)

Anyways-we made our way up the stairs...
(Sorry for the blurry pic...I got a little excited too...)
IIII knew it!
Which is why I wore blue and Beau wore
(He thinks it's pink so we'll just go with it...) Putting out their yard sign!


Does it get any cuter than that?????
Jon & Kirby we LOVE y'all and are SO excited about your lil' boy!

Mark my work. We will have one of these! (Sorry, Beau!)

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  1. i love the decor & your shirts! super cute & congratulations!

  2. I love the idea of a gender reveal party! I just went to a friends where her and her husband didn't want to know the sex so they brought their results (in an envelope) to their cake baker and the inside would be pink or blue. It was such a fun surprise :) I also plan to do a gender reveal party but we want to be the only one's that know the sex, and we'll probably cut into a cake too.

  3. eeeee this is so so cute and awesome! i love babies! :-D I legit thought you were preggo when i saw your tweets! hahah then i had to go re-read them!


  4. love it! i want one too...when the time is right of course!

  5. What a cute idea- I love all their decorations & the tie-die shirts are awesome.

  6. i love this! my friend and her hubs are expecting their first and i'm trying to convince them to have a gender reveal party. i'm going to send her this post and hope it inspires. i love that she didn't know what it was going to be. so sweet.

  7. What a cute idea! So the momma didn't know the sex until they opened the door either?!

  8. That is soooo cute!!!! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

  9. OMG! What a cute idea and so fun - that is awesome!!!!

  10. so cute, I love the idea of gender reveal party and definitely want to have one when I get pregnant - the big question is how to do the reveal, there are so many cute ways!

  11. This is so amazing!! I wish I had thought of that!!! What fun party :)

  12. I love reading about gender reveal parties! This was such a cute idea! I've always read about cutting into a cake, but never a painted room!!

  13. looks so fun! I love to throw parties! Getting decorations together is the best!

  14. Random! I went to Ole Miss with these two! Congrats to them!

  15. I LOVE gender reveal parties :) I think it is such a great idea! SO cute. LOVE YOUR BLOG.

  16. I am literally dying to go to one of these parties. So flippin fun!

  17. i love seeing other gender-reveal party pics. we just had a gender-reveal party a few weeks ago, but team girl won! :)

  18. This is awesome. Friends of ours are having twins so I'm hosting a small gender reveal party for them in October. I've always seen the cake cutting, but painting the room is pretty great. I couldn't imagine NOT going in there. Fun post!

  19. I have never heard of a reveal party, ever, but it seems like a cute idea. Need to introduce that to Europe.


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