August 2, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!!

Soooo...ya likey the new look?!

Good. Cuz I shore do!!

See this girl...yes that one down below? She's pretty much
(Oh-and gorgeous, and hysterical & apparently a booze hound like myself...when she's not pregnant, of course)

Meet Meg.Some of you may know her because she flipped the heck outta your blogs too but for those of you who don't...need I say more?

This cupcake lovin', nugget expectin', H-Town blogger did all this in less than 48 hours. Impressive-I know.

So what are you waiting for?!

Make your way on over to O. is Me. Give her a big ol' hug & kiss [from me] for sassifying my blog and making it look like a grown adult with experience designed it...not some PhotoShop challenged chick who still works in Publisher...

Ok really-just tell her she's pretty much the shizz.

Love, love.

Thank you, Meg!! You, my friend, rock.


  1. Your blog looks great! She did a great job :)

  2. i LOOOOOOVE it! looks great girl! :-D


  3. Ahem. MEG is the shiz. Clearly my proofreading is not. ;)

  4. Love the new look. Have a great day girl :)

    XO Emily @

  5. girl your blog is gorgeous! meg-o is the best :) and i just discovered your blog through the htown girls! so glad i did!!

  6. Your blog looks great! Love how clean everything looks! Great job!

  7. Love the new look! It's just perfect. Meg-O did a GREAT job!

  8. I totally meant to comment on this earlier but THANK YOU so much for your sweet shout out! You were so fun to work with and I am secretly jealous of your sassy blog now. :)


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