August 22, 2011

Trip down memory lane

Have you ever revisited your old stomping grounds?!

I did this past Friday and oh em brought back SO many great memories!!

It all started when I drove to campus to do a lil' shoppin' in the bookstore for some new UH get up. All the babies were moving in the dorms, the shuttles were making their way through the streets and all the little sorority girls were getting ready for rush. There were SO many new buildings, dorms and parking garages being built I felt like I was in a totally different world (& not to mention...OLD)!

Don't you remember the day your parents moved you in, dropped you off and left in tears because they knew their little girl was growing up?! Ugh-I remember it like it was yesterday (& kinda wish is was yesterday!) Nah-I love my life now but I honestly don't think I'll ever forget that day.

And what would a trip down memory lane be without a few high quality iPhone photos?!

The little house a few of us girls
lived in for the last 2 years of school
*so presh-I miss this house!
Robertson Stadium
*We have a few dates this football season ;)
DZ House
Can I tell you how proud I am of the paint job on these letters?!
Old Sigma Nu house (Beau's frat)
I literally think I spent every single day of college life here.
So many wonderful memories and friends were made here...
if I could only remember them all... ;)
*The church next door is a little ironic

The pathetic txt between the husband and I...
Moral of the story, kids: Revisiting your college campus not only makes you feel old, but makes you wish you were still there. No bills, no responsibilities, no job...seriously...those were the glory days.



  1. I know what you mean. My coworkers daughter just moved in to her dorm room at the same college I went to this past weekend and told me a bunch of stories and I was so sad :( MISS all those times! the golden days haha

  2. You know what's funny...I lived in the Pi Beta Phi house, and right next door was a church like the one in your pic. Right across the street from us what the Pi Kappa Alpha house, where I too spent many nights/weekends :) Maybe they're trying to send us a message?!?!? LOL

  3. i can totally relate! oh, the days of no responsibilities.

  4. Ahhhh. College. We live in the same town we went to college in, but we rarely go down to campus- Yet when we do, I feel the same way yall do- super old & reminescent.

  5. Oh gosh, I totally understand. Every time I go to Chapel Hill, I want to move back. I'm going back in a few weeks and already am getting nostalgic!

  6. I hear ya - and I'm super jealous you live close enough to go back and visit whenever you want to. I miss college!!

  7. I am going into my senior year of college beginning tomorrow and this post made me realize all of the things I will miss!!

  8. I know exactly how you feel. I was so eager to graduate college and get out into the real world...and now I would give anything to go back!

  9. I know exactly how you felt! LOL I was looking at old college pictures, trying to find ones for our wedding slideshow, and I got so sad that it's all over! :)

  10. I live in the town where I went to college...and am on campus probably once a week for my job. Makes me miss it! Saw the sorority girls rushing recently...memory lane! All the kids in Target back to school shopping...and I was overwhelmed (more so with get me out of here, haha) :-)

  11. I'm going to my old stomping grounds THIS week and I'm so excited! I love doing these kinds of things :)

    Notes She Wrote

  12. Things now are still the same as they were for me in college... bills, school, work, etc. Only difference now is that I live 2.5 hours away in a house with my husband. I'm still in school (graduate school) and work (but it is better job). But oh how I loved college.... partying it up every weekend, and even some weekdays :)

  13. what a sweet trip. returning to my old "stomping grounds" is always very bittersweet.

    don't forget to stop back to enter my giveiaway for a needlepoint smathers and branson credit card wallet!

  14. I actually didn't got to college & over the years have really regretted missing out on that experience! I've tried to instill in my daughter how important it is for her to enjoy that part of her life. Hope she listens.

  15. I think my only response is sigh too. I miss school a lot, a lot. There's something so comforting about that time in our lives, and yet, going back to visit can make it so hard...


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