August 5, 2011

Quick Confesh Sesh

I confess...earlier this week I accidentally wore my panties inside out for the entire day and never bothered fixing them...

...awkward silence...

...oookay-moving right along...

I confess...I demolished a huge cupcake in less than 2 minutes yesterday and didn't feel guilty about it. Nope. Not one bit.

(At least I brought enough for my entire department...)

I hair is filthy and totally reeks of cigar stinch from last night. And to think someone told me it looked good today...rreeeeeeaaalllllyyyyy??

I confess...I'm a teeny bit jealous of my coworker who brought her wedding dress to work today and is currently heading out of town to take her bridal portraits. ...memories...sigh... #onceabridealwaysabride

I confess...I consumed more vodka and chocolate than I did dinner last night...

Behind the scene tour of the Petroleum Club's "Chocolate Room"

I confess...that this morning I knowingly used syrup that expired over a year ago.

I confess...that my husband has currently befriended a stray kitten and fed it taco meat for breakfast. Taco meat, people.
I confess...that after reading this post if you didn't know me you might think I'm some kind of inside out underwearin', skanktastic hair rockin', cupcake lovin', wannabe-a-bride-again, vodka lush, crazy cat lady kinda girl. Rest assured-this may all be true (for this week, anyway). Don't judge.

TGIF, people.



  1. After reading this, I'm damn in love with you! LOL! Those cupcakes look AMAZING - fax one ova to Charlotte NC girrrl!

  2. LOL ok, who doesn't love taco meat honestly?

    You look so purty in that dress lady!

    I befriended a hyperactive dog this week that I found in our garage when I went to leave one morning for work. It had no collar and I left bowls of water / food out for it. When I was trying to "talk" to him (clearly asking where are your owners? expecting a response) he ran after a minivan that drove by then I lost sight of him. Went back inside to get something and he was there again..but kept running away. poor thing.

  3. I confess, I just ate two pieces of cake...and the thing is, the first piece wasn't that great, but I still went back for a second. No will power I tell ya!

  4. I confess the panty thing has happened more than once for me.... yep awkward (shit happens when you get dressed in the dark)

    That cupcake looks amazing

    vodka and chocolate I fail to realize why this is something to confess because I see nothing wrong with this???? (confused)

  5. Hahaha I love these :)

    One of Evie's favorite little treats is Sour cream and Onion chips. She goes crazy when she smells them.

  6. These are all funny confessions I've totally done the panties thing before but it's fine right? lol..

  7. This was hilarious - and I have totally done the underwear thing...and a cupcake sounds amazing

  8. HAHAHA!! Too funny and that really made me laugh! I'm glad to know other people have the same kind of days as me!!! :)

  9. i want a cupcake.

    great confessions!

  10. Ha Ha..this post is GREAT!!! I love to read about real life things. Sometimes blogland is just too perfect. Thanks for the smile :)

  11. What a cute post :) Thanks for confesssing! Happy Weeekend to ya!

  12. I've totally done 1, 2 & 3 before. How cool is that chocolate tour- can anybody do that?

  13. Hahahah! WHY is it, that when our hair feels absolutely disgusting, people compliment you? Those cupcakes look yummy, I've done the same thing w/my underwear, and Beau just wants "taco flavored kisses" (South Park song haha)

  14. wow those cupcakes look AMAZING :) want to share?! haha. i love the chocolate tour! xo

  15. LOL. Taco meat sounds like a great meal for a cat! And where are those cupcakes from? Inquiring cupcake divas want to know.

  16. Ha... So cute! I think the panty thing has happened to everyone, right? I love your site! Just started following so that I can keep up with the mess!

  17. I just laughed out loud at the "inside out panties" confession. I also have done this a time or 2.

    You're site awesome, I just started following and I'm looking forward to meeting you and all of the other Houston Bloggers at this months meet up!

  18. I just found your blog, and we are sooo meant to be friends:-) No judgement here! xoxo

  19. This is hysterical! Just found your blog, and definitely loved the humor in this post. I've totally accidentally done the inside-out underwear before - oops!

  20. I know where you live! (that sounded super creepy...) I just read "the Petroleum Club" (nice!) and know exactly what you're talking about! I live in Lubbock, so I'm not too far away. I have no clue if you want people to know the actual city you live in, but I'm happy that I know another west Texas blogger! Love your blog :).


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