August 29, 2011

Big Texas Hair

If you're anything like me, the poofy pony has never been easy to master. Actually, up until about a week was impossible. My hair is super thin and stringy but I guess it likes to pretend to be thick because every time I tried, I would tease and tease and tease to put it back in a pony but inevitably it would fall every time....leaving me poof-less with a big rat's nest on top a mah head. To say the least, the poofy pony and myself have had many divorces along the way...

But wait! Before you hit play...

1. Sorry for not making my bed.
2. I was in a hurry which is why I'm so serious.
3. No-I'z not nakey. Pervs.
4. I think I officially maxed out the word "um"
and last...
Bloggers meet armpits. Armpits, bloggers.
Now that you're well acquainted, feel free to watch me in action.

What you'll need:
extra dirty hair
supa-tight bobby pins (aka "cheaters")
3 row comb
hairspray (optional)

The bobby pins I refer to can be found here and look like so:
I figured you out you little poof, you! muahahaha
To all you poofy pony delinquents out there (don't worry...I used to be one too) now have the secret & I fully expect to see you all sportin' some big 'ol Texas hair...even if you're not from the south.

Happy poofin' ladies!


  1. LOVE this hair tutorial! I think the bobby pin trick is really great and I'm gonna try it soon!

  2. p.s. I see Sprinkles! What did you think?

  3. I love how your extra dirty hair looks clean :) lol if it were my hair it would look gross but your little do looks sooo cute!! love your dress too!!

  4. You gotta try the bumpit! It takes half the time! Lovin' your poof! :)

  5. Love this, cant wait to watch your vlog once I get home (im at work).

  6. Love the how to poof video :)

  7. I have hair just like yours and it does NOT poof easily! I have tried so many times. I'm going to try your method because it looks easy and it looks like it works!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. loved this!! i'm trying this method cause my hair does like to poof for me!! thanks for posting love!

  9. yes i have been looking for a simple tutorial just like this, i have really thick hair but its so heavy it always falls out and i can never get the pony right, hope your method works for me too :)

  10. You are too cute for words! Love the hair!

  11. UGH! I suffer from the same limp, baby fine hair drama and always get frustrated when I'm trying to do the pony poof. It works about 50% of the time. I will definitely have to give this trick a try though! I hope this works for me too!

  12. Great video!!! You make it look so easy!

    Love the dress too...where is it from?!?!

  13. you saved my life. I will be doing this. I could never poof my hair for anything, now we shall see!!

  14. Ha! My hair is stringy and straight like yours. I have no body. BUT your hair looks adorable! Going to have to try this now :)

  15. so I tried. MAJOR fail. You will have to teach me in person!

  16. I might be a TX girl very soon! My fiancé is currently living in Austin and getting his masters degree at UT and it looks like we might end up there for his work, so I am loving this and what a cute ponytail!

    Liesl :)


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  18. i used to never be able to get the perfect poof because i was so afraid to tease it and have knots all in my did a great job! your hair looks fabulous :)


    OW OW.

    I love your pony and am seriously really jealous you mastered this. I'm going home and will try for hours...I will not leave until I get some sort of poof!!

  20. PS-I'm still laughing at how concentrated you were and your eyes were like on a mission in this video haha

  21. Ooooo I think I found a new favorite blog!!! Big Texas Hair - I dream of this!! Going to have to watch this vid and concentrate.

  22. Big Texas dream. Too bad I'm so horribly untalented at styling my hair! Thanks so much for posting this video. I'm definitely going to have to rock the poofy pony here in LA :)

  23. gosh, I am so proud! look how pretty your poof its! xoxo

  24. bah! my poof always falls!!!!! i think i need to get motivated and try your tips. ps. i love your little accent. :)

  25. Oh my gosh, my hair never poofs!!!! Thanks for posting this, I will definitely be re-trying it with your tips!!!

  26. I'm a Texas girl and I suck at poofing. I'm slowly getting better, but it's a work in progress.

  27. love it=] the video is sooooo helpful;
    i want those bobby pins

  28. Okay I think I'll be going to Sally's to get some of those bobby pins. SRSLY. My hair is thick and heavy and the poof NEVER stays. Even though I tease it alot like you...and have the same comb...i think these pins are the secret. I shall be getting some pronto :)


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