February 21, 2012

Big Break for a Fellow Blogger

For those of you who follow this here blog, you are well aware of the fact that little Miss Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On and myself vacayed together last week in the BEAUTIFUL Naples, Florida.

While the pictures from our "blacation" (found here and here) give you all a pretty good idea of what went down, what you are about to watch pretty much sums up the entire trip.

Really. There are no words.

Well, I guess there are a few words...

Katie-I'm sorry but  I had to. This is far too priceless to not blast all over the world wide web. Like I've said, this could be your big break and as your agent, I'm just doing you a favor. You'll think me later.

For those of you that are interested, Katie is available for rent for your next birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party or even wedding! We do have other audition videos available for your viewing pleasure at your request. Please contact myself (her agent) for pricing. Today only, we're running a special!!

 Buy one rapping Ohioan and get a bottle of Pinot Noir (Katie's fav) for FREE! ;) .


  1. yall's trip looked like a blast! how fun to meet somewhere through blogging!!

  2. This is absoultely PRICELESS. Now I know the real story behind her blog title {Keep Calm & Carry On} - totally makes sense now.

    Whoo-RAH Katie!

  3. omg lol... i am watching this in the office.. and the girl beside me is like wth are you watching lol.. this really is PRICELESS!!!

  4. LOL Something is wrong with me... I'm really glad you decided to post this one instead of my table / shorts flashing video. Thanks Steph, for that. As my agent, the editing for this video is priceless. Although I would've preferred a Lil Wayne song at the end.

    Who wants to book me?! I'm expecting some serious calls today. otherwise, you're FIRED.

  5. This is the best thing ever... You can definitely perform at my bach party LOL

  6. HAHAHAH oh my gosh. This was amazing. 100% amazing. Loving every bit of it. Stellar moves with the hip thrust. That is one of my favorites too.

  7. Bet your ass, she will be in attendance to my bachelorette party one day. Steph this will absolutely be your gift to me. Or else. Can you even begin to imagine the robot I would bust out to this rap?!

    Exactly. Dont let me down or I may revoke your bridesmaid privelege! hahah!

  8. YES YES YES!!!!


    katie ill book you. hahah!

    love you girls TO PIECES


  9. bahahahaha! this was great. katie got mad skillzzz ;-) ah i bet you two just had a BLAST> lovessss!

  10. I mean. what are friends for other than public embarrassment?

    this. is. great.

  11. I ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN LOVE THAT SONG and I love that she busted out her rhyme for y'all!!!!! HILAR!!! Love this. LOVE. Makes me miss my bff. We used to do shiz like this all the time!!!! Y'all are just too cute!

  12. OMG your so bad.. Nice music at the end!

  13. Literally cracking up. That is too funny! hahaha. You're a good little agent though, promoting her like that and with the music at the end haha! So great!

  14. That. Was awesome! That song will always be one of my favs. hehehe.

  15. I think the dress pulling up video needs to find its place here somewhere.. just sayin' it's inspired me to wear spandex shorts 24/7 now.
    Also, I do believe I could be a producer for Katie and/or videographer and you will def. pimp her out as her agent -- obviously I have sick video skills as witnessed in the drunken video we sent you this weekend.


  16. You two are too funny! :) Glad to be your newest follower!

  17. Oh-Em-G! You girls are histerical! I busted out laughing in my office and got caught watching the video on my phone! Next on the list of raps to be recorded "Baby Got Back"!!!! It's the jackpot!

  18. i just died. this is AMAZING!!! your all's vacation looked like blogger perfection!

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