February 15, 2012

South Carolina Meets Texas

Hey y'all! I'm Lindsey aka The Bargain Blonde and how does skipping over the "I'm so excited to be guest posting blah, blah, blah" biz-naz sound? Not to say that I'm not excited because I'm pumped, I just hate the cliche guest blogging intros.

Moving right along ...

I'm here to talk about my experience meeting Beth @ SweetBef's Blog IRL (in real life) for the first time. She's actually now one of my best bishes and I had no reservations about meeting her because we had become some close before actually meeting.

However, my IRL friends all thought (& still think) I'm a complete whack job for being "friends" with people "off the Internet". They truly think I'm certifiable, but I'm done trying to explain the amazing blogging community to them.

So this is Beth, my saucy little gingy ...

We met via blogging obvs but we really started to bond because we are both single, late twenty-somethings living in the South (aka OLD MAIDS) and we have the same inappropriate humor. We had so many similarities, so the next logical step was for her to fly down from South Carolina to Texas for my birthday last August and stay with me, right?

Logical or not, that is what happened. In fact, before we met IRL in August, we had already booked a trip to New Orleans for October. I actually ended up coming home in a wheelchair after our little NOLA trip, but we'll get to that in a second. Our first meeting went a little something like so:

Beth flew in to Texas on my birthday and after I picked her up from the airport, we immediately went to lunch and had a few ice cold bevys:

After lunch, we took a nap before getting ready to
go out for my birthday dinner and (more) drinks:

We took all of two pictures together over the entire weekend which was an epic fail on our part, but there is this little diddy. I know you're jealous you aren't the ones cuddled up next to this fox:

This freak is nothing compared to the freaks we encountered during our NOLA trip, which you can read all about here. I highly recommend you take a look see at that post so that you can find out why I was wheeled home in a wheelchair by airport personnel. It's a goodie.

Both times we met IRL, we had so much fun and we remain best friends to this day. I highly recommend that if any of you become besties with any bloggers that you do your best to meet them IRL! The friendships you make in the blogging world are some of the best you'll ever make. On that note, I know that Steph and Katie are having a ridiculous time in Florida and I can't wait until they get back so we can read all about their fab vacay.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you ever want to read more of what I have to say, come visit me at The Bargain Blonde. Thanks for having me Steph!


  1. all i can think to right is...true! and we are currently planning our next shenanigan filled adventure for this summer.

  2. write* (beth)

    YAY! Thanks for having moi here today Stephy Weffy. Yes, I'm gay for saying that.

    When I'm in Houston next or you in Dallas, WE are having our turn and meeting IRL. BAM.

  3. Aww I love both of your blogs, that's so awesome you guys have gotten together twice! :)

  4. My two favorite states! haha, I'm a SC living in Houston! You both seem so sweet!

  5. I left something for you on my blog :)


  6. Meeting bloggy friends is so much fun! I'm getting ready to meet a couple this spring!!


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